1.Alternative Fuel to reduce reliance on import oil

We can cut down more on imported oil and switch to Ethanol or Hydrogen fuel cells. As president Clinton mentioned,  if we could cut down our reliance on imported energy we can then free the hands of the decision makers and military involvement in the Middle East. Besides the $32/barrel we are paying for the crude oil, according to the national accounting office. Adding the cost of the military build up to protect the oil resources, the final price tag is $126/barrel. When you go to gas stations you are paying more than the price. Some of your tax money has slipped out of your pockets and has gone to the Middle East.

Hidden Oil Price Update:

Milton Copulos testified last week at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on "The Hidden Cost of Oil" with updated projections on his original 2003 report.
According to Copulos, who is a senior fellow with the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security and with the National Defense Council Foundation:

"Adding up the above, the hidden cost of oil imports skyrocketed to $779.5 billion in 2005. That would be equivalent to adding $4.10 to the price of a gallon of gasoline if amortized over the total volume of imports. For Persian Gulf imports, because of the enormous military costs associated with the region, the "hidden cost" was equal to adding $7.41 cents to the price of a gallon of gasoline. When the nominal cost is combined with this figure it yields a "true" cost of $9.53 per gallon."

Wow, $10/gallon wasn't too far off.

The president also said different religious groups can teach their own groups their culture, history, and legacy. But when getting involved with other groups they must not  teach the younger generations to dehumanize other groups. We have to respect each other and not hurt or kill the other group just because they have a different religion or culture. Jewish and Palestinians have the same ancestor, Abraham, hoped that they could find a way to solve their differences and live peacefully! Further more try to provide more jobs to your neighbors, and help them out of poverty. America is sharing her wealth with the neighbors and that brings peace and stability. Hope countries in the Middle East can learn from the experiences, sharing and co-operation is important to win peace!


You can run your Diesel on veggie oil or BioDiesel. Check out  to learn how to make your own fuel at your own house for as little as $0.50/gallon?

Did you know that most of the B20(80%diesel, 20%Biofuel) or B100(100% Biofuel) are from either soybean or corns. But they are not the best corps.

Corns yields 18 gallon/acre

Kenaf yields 29 gallon/acre (Also yield 6-10 tons/acre of fiber that can make papers, not to chop down so many trees!)

Soy Bean yields 48 gallon/acre

Coconuts yields  287 gallon/acre

Oil Palm yield 635 gallon/acre

"OIL PALM" can yield 635 gallons per acre, which is 13 times more than Soy Bean  and 25 times more than corns. So if you are a farmer or live in one of the farm states, please tell your farmer friends to ask the local government to give free Oil Palm seed and invest in this 13 times higher yield crops. With the same land, farmers can gain 3 times more income than soybean and 35 times more than corns. We will soon have some farmer tycoons over those oil tycoons. Cloning or Bio-Engineering should come up with the best crop for making BioFuel. In this way, we can lower the current biofuel price to about 25 to 50 cents per gallon and it's the best solution that biofuel is made in the U.S.A.

The governors and governments of the farmer states should help the farmers to start to grow higher yield crops, reduce cost of processing to make biofuel. The money pays at the pumps either goes to big oil companies or goes to farmers! What do you, as a consumer feel about this? It's better to pay American farmers for their harvests, or pay oil companies to import crude oils.

You can find local BioFuel Stations from this link:

Home Made BioDiesel Equipment 

Bio Diesel processors for $375 ~ $500. Need to collect cooking oil and your home made Bio Diesel cost will be $1.25/gallon

And you can buy B20 or B100 for your Diesel cars from the Internet, minimum 55 gallon drum for only $1.40/gallon. If you don't have diesel car, check it out from the dealers. VW TDI, Jetta, Golf are good compact choices.  Around 51MPG and a full tank of BioFuel can drive 600 miles.  And VW's Lupo "3-Liter" TDI in Europe that gets 99 miles per gallon(BioFuel) on the highway and 64 miles in the city, but they are not selling here in the USA. 

Isuzu has Diesel pick up and van, good for truck drivers or buses.

Only 1% American drives Diesel, 37% in Europe(French is 68%)! Because in Europe, Gasoline is $4-$5/gallon and diesel only 1.8/gallon!

Fossil and Biofuel are equally important! Gasoline for airplane or race cars and biofuel is a basic fuel for commuters/buses/trucks! But biofuel received very little notice! Middle East may have their Black Gold, we have our own Green Gold at home! Tap into our own reusable energy resources, it's our gift from Mighty God! With our technology, we can even export biofuel or help them to make their own Biofuel. It's a way to help Third World countries, who are spending a big chunk of their GNP to buy energy! It's a heavy load to have to pay such price to buy energy instead of foods or education for all the people!

2.Alternative Energy Solar and Wind

We have one trillion of business out there, brightest future. Join to buy these clean energy, not only we can cut down the reliance on oil. And we can help to clean out the air, cut down pollution, save the earth. E.g. Kyocera had pre-engineered MyGen solar DIY kit, RWE-Solar Pre-fabricated solar residential or business system. Uni-Solar also has roll of solar panels that can be laminated or bonded on your roofing metal sheets or shingles. If you or your builder/electrician can follow the instruction Manuel, you can have solar system at your own business or home. There are all kinds of rebates or tax incentives. President Clinton said in the old days, energy is heavily centralized because of the high capital cost. Solar or wind are both decentralized energy sources, they need the users to participate and set up their own systems. It's the right time to get solar energy or a wind system. And those brave men and women who are stationed in Middle East in defending our freedom can come home. We can not let these men and women risking their lives in defending and protecting oil resources. So people can have gasoline to run cars and energy for the house! We can be self sufficient on energy need. And we have less environmental pollution by using more renewable energy!

By installing solar panels on your roof you can generate all the power you need or at least   save 40-60% on your utilities bill. The California Government has a Buy-Down Cash Rebate program to pick up 50% after the installation.   ) Each State/City have different policies; please check to find details.  If you had back up battery pack, then you are total independent from power companies.

3. Power Decentralization - Home Made Bio Fuel

President Clinton had pointed out, in the past we relied on big energy and in a power centralization era! Because big power plants needed large capitals and consumers could not build power supply on their own. Now things had changed, with Solar and Wind became more affordable to install in each home or business! The best energy policy for the general public is "power decentralization". To install solar or wind renewable power systems at each home or business. So we will not be relying so heavily on big energies or fossil fuels. Renewable energy is abundant and do not need to go around the world to fight for the remaining fossil fuel resources. And they are clean, zero emission. Serving our next greatest need to protect our Earth from further warming, drastic climate changes or higher sea levels!

1) Bloom Box Fuel Cell - Tap into Natural Gas to generate home electricity

The new Bloom Box Fuel Cell electricity generator can tap into our household Natural Gas supply to provide back up electricity when there is no sun, cloudy days! Bloom Box inventor promised he will soon produces a $3,000 home unit. We have plenty of Natural Gas in United States, no need to import them.

Bloom Energy's web site called it " Distributed Generation"
But it is the same thing as decentralization of power generation.
"Like distributed computing(i.e the PC) and distributed telephony(i.e.the mobile phone)
distributed generation shifts control to the consumer." Self sufficient and you will not get screwed
by the big brothers, big energies! Like Enron? Who bled all investors white and went under.

2) Bio Box- Tap into Bio wastes to generate Bio Fuel

And in the future, we can have a Bio Box to convert our household Green Waste to bio fuel, to replace Natural gas as fuel for Bloom Box to generate electricity.

Solarzyme is not relying solely on sun light to convert bio wastes bio fuel. Their bio generators works indoor and rely on sugar as catalysis! So maybe one day we will have a bio box to put in our green wastes, fallen leaves and trimmed grass. Adding a dash of sugar and "cook" them into bio fuels. Everything from our own houses and solar from sun above! What a happy picture, no need to fight for the limited fossil fuel resources remaining in the world! And have peace at home! This should be what God intended, everyone has their own power supply!

==>They feed sugar instead of direct sun light which they claimed is thousand time more efficient Most of the Algal factories uses outdoor tubes or ponds for maximum sun light exposure! ==>Algal products includes cleaning products, jet fuel, diesel fuel, plastic, chemicals Andy many by products ==>Raw material is not from food stock like corns, but corn stover, switch grass, sugar cane

3) Solar Box- Tap into Sun's energy to generate electricity or hot water

We are working on Solar Collector, maybe another $3,000 home unit can provide enough

of Solar power generation.


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