Military & All Purposes Wooden Clip Crate made into 2 Solar Ovens:

In Renewable Energy, we try to steer away from fossil fuels and its derivatives. We should use materials from Mother Nature! Wood is a good example!  Here is reusable wooden Products. 

Check out the collapsible & reusable crates!!  

A standard Clip-Crate is made of 3/4" hardcore plywood with 2mm military standard heavy-duty steel clips.  Clip-Crates are easy to use, collapsible, restructurable and reusable. 

They are strong enough for Military to use them to transport ammunition, rocket propellers etc.

Instead of cutting down used crates and throw away, these Clip Crates are easy to knock down and reassemble. When taking it down, just remove the steel clips with a hammer.

And snap them back into the slots on panels and you will have your instant crates ready for shipment.  Extending the services of wooden crates, it is a good way to cherish our precious wood resources!  It is another way to go green!  Conservation of resources, reusable wooden crates! When they are not in service, could be used as a piece of furniture, like Coffee Table etc.! 

Another Value-Added Version, Foil Insulated Wooden crate for Perishable Goods, Blocking Moisture to prevent mildew/bacteria/creeping Insects. Also can Protect Sensitive Electronic Products, the insulation can Block/Reflect Harmful EM (Electromagnetic) Radiation 

The same insulated crate can be knock-down into 2 x Solar Ovens to heat up foods outdoor when not in services.  See pictures below. 

Clip-Crates are made to ISPM-15 export standard and ready for shipping air, land, and ocean.  


1. Collapsible: take off the clips, the Clip-Crate easily collapses into 5 panels and one pallet, stack up to no 

    more than 10" thick. 

2. Easy assembly: with no extra tools, one person can assemble a Clip-Crate in less than 2 minutes.

3. Reusable: Knock down and reuse,  rent out then return to save cost. 

4. Customizable & re-configurable:  Clip-Crate can be customized to your specific requirement.

5. Replacement Panel and spare clips supply:  Standard replacement panels and spare clips are available to

    repair a damaged crate or to turn an old crate into new sizes.

Can Add Company's LOGO!

Send Artworks for Quote!

Insulated Crates:
By adding less than$1/SF, you will have a foil insulated crate!
1. Foil Foam insulation for perishable goods, Moisture/Bacteria/insect prevention!
2. Protect Sensitive Electronic Products, block/reflect harmful EM (Electromagnetic) Radiation!
3. 1 Crate can be divided into 2 x Solar Ovens to heat up foods outdoor!
4. Each Crate can maintain foods' temperature, either warn or cold.  Delivery of hot meals or keep cold drinks cold.  This is also a small thermal box or cooler( primitive Fridge)!
**US Patent#61/575,272 pending, please do not copy!


One Crate divided into 2 solar ovens:

Color Crates: 
1.Reuseable Crates can be dressed up for advertisements, or doubled as furniture like Coffee Table, Stool, book shelf while idled or in storage!  Color painting or metal clip color coating, please pick crate size and color scheme for quote.  

2. Images Water Transfer - Please pick crate size and send Artworks for quotes.

3. For Polymer material similar to colorful Komatex/Sintra, please send inquiry.   Colors or contrast colors limited to available stock color from manufactures.  Load may not be as good as Plywood, will need to charge if testing is needed!

Minimum order quantity is 200 units, Shipment will be from China and deliver will take at least 45-60 days!

Bright Combo-1:
Pastel Combo - 1: 
Pastel Combo - 2: 

Close-ups:  3/4" plywood panels, Snap on Steel Clips

CNC Capability:

This machine is capable for the follow services:

Sheet cutting, engraving!

Mold Manufacturing!

Sign Characters!

Furniture, tables and chairs!

Decorative materials processing: decorative wall panels, wooden doors, windows fabrication Art and Crafts!

Stenciling, detailed wood working etc.

Can handle materials include: 

Foam, Timber, Plastic, Aluminum and other various types of soft materials.

Price & Dimension:
Clip_Crate: Inside_Dimension: Prices in USD:
Item# Surface FT Dimension CUFT Crate Insulated Crate
AP211 17.73 5.05


AP321 23.47 7.18 $93 $103
AP222 22.52 7.27 $94 $104
AP421 34.78 13.13 $145 $165
AP432 43.81 18.57 $188 $208
AP322 47.12 21.93 $200 $220
AP433 68.56 38.34 $240 $270
AP543 87.36 53.52 $283 $313
AP444 90.74 58.51 $311 $343
Motorcycle  153.07 119.52 $374 $424


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