Electric Vehicles

Go! Electric! A better future!

1.Gradually Phrasing out ICE vehicles

   Change the laws to request auto makers to produce EV for every car models, so consumer can have other choices.
   With the high Gas price, gradually 50% ICE will be replaced by Electric Vehicles which is only 1/5 or 1/6 the cost of gasoline.
   In the future, when Fuel Cell Hydrogen is ready then can replace the rest of ICE.  Put the pollutant ICE into retirements. 

   A. Why electric? Read this white paper http://www.teslamotors.com/display_data/twentyfirstcenturycar.pdf

   B. Israel is set to promote the use of electric cars - Steven Erlanger


   Israel has two million cars on the road, and about 10 percent are replaced each year. They use
   1) Parking meter-like plugs on city streets or service stations
   2) Battery Swapping at stations
   3) Charge up at night when driver goes to sleep   

2.Electricity shortages only occurs during peak hours(2-6PM), EV drivers can avoid peak hours and charge overnight.  
   Because of the power production structure, they could not reduce power generation at night time.  So the overrun power
   has to be shun to the ground.  While we have oil shortage, we can put this idled capacity into good use to replace the
   reliance on foreign oil.
   e.g. In California, our installed capacity is 60,000 megawatts and off-peak unused capacity is about 30,000 megawatts for
   18 hours, Full article: http://baltimorechronicle.com/2005/083005Korthof.html

3.Consumers Alert on Power Plants
   Every month when you receive your utility bill, there will be a breakdown how your power companies purchase their power.
   Take a note and supervise them to buy more from renewable power sources.  For example, in the case of CA vs TX!
   California gets 25% from clean energy source while Texas is only 1%,  check out your own states or nations.  Urge your
   power providers to diversify their power purchases, ultimately 100% from renewable clean power generation.

4.For day time charging, give Solar Carports power licenses to sell clean PV electricity just like other types of fuels.

   We will need a company to provide and maintain P.O.S. Electric vending machines or electric pumps in front of each parking
   space.  Each unit with outlets for 12V/48V/72VDC,    110V/220VAC and can be paid by credit cards or cash. 

   EV drivers can charge up at these locations.  The peak hours for power shortages happened to be the same time for PV to
   have peak power generation.  These output of PV systems can provide needed power during the shortage.  These solar
   carports can be in shopping malls, city halls, libraries, museums, parks or schools.

5. Encouraging Solar Carports to be built at all businesses to sell power to their customers.  Improve power chargers to
   5-30 minutes charge up, so while you have a meal or shopping and your EVs will be charging up at the parking lots.  
   These businesses also need power licenses just like liquor licenses, class C or D for small business.  While the mega power
   companies can have Class A license.

6. MAGLEV FREEWAY - This transportation takes 30% less energy to operate than conventional trains.  It's quiet and fast.    Magnetic  waves will not affect the environment and it's cheaper to build.  If we could build them on free way to transport EVs
   from exit to exit, we only need to drive when we get off the freeways.  Because city driving will be shorter distance, then smaller
   battery pack is needed for EV.    Hand free driving on the freeways, drivers could be free to make phone calls, read or even
   take a nap.   Good bye to the tiresome long distance driving.  Make the freeway a mass transit system. 

   Car pool lane for longer distance travelers, only allow exit at major cities.  The speed can reach up to 300 Mile per hours in the
   deserts or interstates remote area.  Another lane for exit to exit but at a lower speed.  All exits from this transportation will be
   elevator loading zone, slow down at the zone to lower or elevate to below or upper chamber.  Rotate the chamber by 90 degree
   to move to the lower speed lane or the driver can switch to manual drive mode and leave the freeway!  Other lanes can still be
   reserved for conventional vehicles that they do not wish  to pay for the MAGLEV pilot drive!

   What is MAGLEV Fundamentals Magnetic Levitation - Green Vehicle, 




   1) TransRapid Int'l:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-54gBLwK3s

   2) Japan Rail:     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuSrLvCVoVk&mode=related&search=

   3) Shanhai, China MAGLEV Company:  http://www.smtdc.com/en/xnlv2.asp , see Video:


       If someone is asking about the cost of Air plane vs MAG-LEV= Flying in the sky vs Flying on the ground =  it is 3: 1
        According to TransRapid int'l , a Siemen join-venture company, MAG-LEV can reach the speed only air plane can achieve and
        1/3 of the cost.  And the non-contact technology make the passengers enjoying a safe and smooth ride into the center of the cities.

       Costing the same infrastructure but much lower operational and maintenance cost.  If the California Hi Speed bureau can consider MAGLEV over
       high speed train which high friction still cost a lot in the long run.  Hope they can be wise and build the first MAG-LEV system in the US.

       It takes only 3 miles and 2 minutes from zero to 180 miles per hour. And only the section of the train need energy, so it can save, save cost.
       Less environmental impacts and very quiet!

7. Future PV system can be transparent, build a retractable glass dome over the freeways. Collecting Sun's energy to power
   the Maglev systems, that is our free renewable energy.  And the glass dome also prevent rain or snow, safer for the freeway's
   traffic.  Because all the transportation will be monitored by computers, so shall reduce congestion.  Drivers only need to buy
   tickers while getting on freeways!

8. New Solar Paint technology developed by University of Toronto, painting the vehicles with Solar Paints to keep on charging the
    vehicle's battery pack while driving, parking is another finest solution.  Additional to increase chargers at all convenient locations.

9. Why we must have FUEL to move the cars, let the roads take your cars.  Free drivers from mundane driving and use the free,
   clean and abundant solar energy to power our cars.

Available Pure Electric Vehicles:

  Pure electric vehicles, with 75-90 Maximum speed per hour and 180-250 Miles per charge capacity! 

 With the new Thin Film Li-Po battery, 400-500 miles per charge is possible!

Tesla Motors







Read estimated range, Check EV Performance

Chrysler NEV

Nissan Pivo

Ariana EV




 Plug-in Hybrid , Tribrid or EV Conversion:

In California, BEV can get the HOV stickers once you have had the car certified by CARB.  Have to watch out for
 not exceeding the maximum gross vehicle weight for the vehicle. If the conversion exceeded the gross vehicle
weight then you have to go back and get DOT certification on the vehicle. You can still use the original VIN of the
 Donor vehicle for registration and insurance!  New BEV will have new Li-Iron Battery pack and it should run 180
miles per charge and maximum 70-80 MPH, depends on the DC motors!  

1. Solar-Electric-Wing Tribrid :  http://www.venturi.fr/electric-vehicules-astrolab-concept.html



2. Ethanol-Electric Hybrid: http://www.hybrid-vehicles.net/DaimlerChrysler-ESX3-hybrid.htm

    The ethanol is from Algae, see Biofuel: www.symmetryco.com/BioFuel/BioFuel.htm







More about Tribrid:

1. Brazilian Obvio's "trybrid" designs run on three sources of energy: gasoline, ethanol, and electricity;

2. UK Green Tribrid Minibus
It is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, batteries and ultra-capacitors.
3. French Venturi : Electro-solar-wind tribrid vehicle
At the last Wired NextFest show, the French company venturi automobiles displayed two swanky solar
From their company's website, they actually have 3 models
Maybe Tesla should add the PV cover to make a dual powered EV(Their current strategy is to provide
the owner PV panel to charge at home, not install the panel on the vehicle like Venturi.)


And the GM Chevy Volt who add the mini engine to extend the battery pack from gas, ethanol or Hydrogen,
But only when the battery is empty!
So why not adding the same PV charger like Venturi?  The PV changer can supply the battery pack
during driving or parking under the sun.  Another green, free way to extend the battery pack. 
And since the GM Volt only has 40 miles range, they can also consider of a portable battery pack.
So the car owners can drive to GM service station for "battery swapping"
Selling price is under $30K, if the battery is $10K, then sell the car at $20K and lease the battery pack.
And the driver can pull in any service stations to pay for a freshly charge-up Volt Battery pack.
Then the car is ready to go with a fully charged battery in 5 minutes.



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