Trendy & Colorful Parking Blocks

Save your time! 

Colorful Parking Block to replace conventional concrete Blocks!

These ready-made Parking Blocks are perfect for your parking lots and garages!

The new tiny and unified look of your parking lot!


Traditional Parking Lot with shattered or discolored blocks:

Main Features:

1. Strong composite plastic is hard to crack, rebound on impacts and color never fade!

2. Color zoning:  

    e.g. For apartment complex, you can use yellow for visitor (guest), Turquoise Blue for the tenants, Orange for the management etc.

3. Easy to install and hard to remove or steal

    Adding Epoxy Bond and cap to secure the anchors, hardly anyone can remove or steal them from your parking lots either indoor or outdoor!

4. Reflective Lenses

    Two or three lenses on the front can provides good night light reflection!

5. Logo or Name printing

    Special orders can have the company's name or logo print on the front,  distributor or  construction company's name and contact information on the top!

6. Garage stopper

    Install them in the garage to provide a guide line not to drive any further into the deeper space!


1. Parking Block PB-01: One per parking space, 3 anchors

2. Parking Block PB-02/03: Two per parking space, 2 anchors!

3. Concrete floor:

   Drill hole 2" deep and hammer the 6" x 5/8" anchor in the ground.  cover the cap and it's done!

4. Asphalt floor:

   Drill hole 4" deep, pour 2"  Epoxy Bond and 8" x 1/2" bolt in the hole. Wait 10 minutes for the Epoxy to gel then add nut; wait another 50 minutes for Epoxy to cure then tighten the nut.  Cover the cap and it's done!

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Shipping: Parking Block PB-03 weight 9 lbs, UPS ground to lower 48 states will be

                $12!  Please add $1.75 if to a residential address! 

Price List and Order form:

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