Passive Solar Applications!


1. Substantial Lower Energy Bills -                                

1)Heating costs can be 25 to 50% less due to passive solar heating alone.

2)Energy bills will be at least 30% less than a standard home of the same size.

3)Up to 90% savings for heating and cooling are possible when combined with careful attention to insulation, caulking, and quality heating and cooling equipment.

2. Building Suitable Overhangs -

    To allow Winter's Sun and warmth into the house and store on the heat-retain floor, also shun the Summer's Sun out of the house.

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3. Building Orientation and Maximization of Windows on South Side

    For North Hemisphere, living spaces like Kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms are best located along the 

South, East  and West side of the house.  Place bedrooms, bathrooms, storage closets, laundry rooms,

hallways and other less used  spaces along the North.

4. Provide Thermal mass and Proper Insulation of the house

    Use tile, brick, stone, or colored concrete floors or walls inside the south side of the building to absorb 

and release heat.   Strawbales can be excellent and inexpensive insulation materials for the houses.

5.Retrofit with Solar Awnings - Active PV + Passive Solar Shading

Instead of conventional Canvas Awning that faded by weather, PV designer can use the awnings for harvesting solar energy and also providing shades for the building's windows.  To save indoor cooling expense for the Summers and also allow sun lights in Winters! 

6. Natural Lights

   - Prism filtered Visible light (Excluding Infrared and UV lights) and conducted by Optical Fibers for indoor lightings or lightings for underground structures.  Free lighting during the day times, will be a great saving for big stores like K-Marts, Wal-Marts or any shopping malls.   

People buy more in a sunlit store.  In 1999, the California Board for Energy Efficiency had a study done on the relationship between retail sales and the presence of skylights.  The results showed a 40 percent increase in sales due to natural lighting.  The sales boost may be attributable to a feeling – expressed by some shoppers – that full spectrum light makes the store seem cleaner and more spacious. 

Health Reasons, studies that also show that natural light is important for setting our body’s internal rhythms.  Some doctors also attribute Seasonal Acquired Depression to a lack of full-spectrum natural light when you work indoor most of the time.

Without UV, the natural light will not hurt the pictures, painting or arts!  Your furniture or carpets will not get faded either!

7. Swim Pool Sun Room

     Close up Sun Room can keep pool temperature after sun set,  so the water will be warn enough that you may swim at night times without the help from Solar heater + pump combination.  You can swim in Winters if you are in Sunny States.  And the cover can prevent leaves or trash dropping into the pool, it's more sanitary.  With the Retractable design, you can still choose to allow your pool "open for Swim" during Summers!   Because the Ozone layers had been ripped thinner by the global pollution, the cover could add UV shield films to screen out harmful UV ray that may cause skin cancer.  And that can save you time and money to apply Sun Block Lotions!


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