Solar Concentration & it's applications

Advanced Outdoor Solar System - Business or Residential     


A heliostat is a two axis solar tracking mirror that reflects sunlight onto a fixed receiver. Furthermore the geometry between the Sun, mirror, and receiver are constantly changing throughout the day.

1. Solar Trackers: 

Photovoltaic (or PV) systems operate at maximum capacity when the sun's rays strike its solar panels at a 90°angle of incidence.  With a tracker to shift the PV array orientation toward the brightest spot in the sky.  Increases the PV harvesting by 30-70% depending on each designs.  The tracking device adjusts PV array in the early morning to catch the rising sun and during the day, adjusts every 5 seconds automatically to the best position to harvest more energy.

2. Solar Heliostats:

There are numerous designs for all kinds of applications, concentrate the heat to cook or send to central receiver then connect to Sterling Steam Engine to generate electricity!

3. Applications:

Government has large projects and smaller business and residence can also utilize the new Technology to increase the power output of their own PV generation.

Mirror Concentrations


Solar Dish

Solar Tower


Solar Tracker

Sun Flower Heliostat

Sun Ball or Domestat Solar Roaster or Cooker

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Latest News Flash:

Check out the new CPUC's proposal to increase the The California Solar Initiative
proposed by the state Public Utilities Commission, aims to install 3,000 megawatts of solar
energy on 1 million homes, businesses and public buildings over 11 years.
400 million funding
increases to 3 billion which is 7.5 fold increase!

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