Every day energy enough for the world's energy Needs reaches the earth from the sun!!

One hour of Solar Energy = One year Energy need for Entire Earth!

And it's free, it's clean and it's peaceful!


Solar House No. Light Box - Make into any combination you desire for!


Basic Feature:

1. Each unit has it's own efficient solar panel which converts solar energy into enough power to keep the solar address light illuminated all night long.

2. Ensure that police, firemen or rescue personnel can locate your home of business quickly in case of emergency.

3. Help friends or customers to find your home or office quickly and easily.

4. Expedite the deliveries to your home or business.

5. Automatically turns on at night and off during the day.

6. Easy installation with 2 screws, no wiring necessary.

7. Highly visible over 100 feet.

8. Place wherever you like, house wall, mailbox, fence or post.

9. Flexible to snap each unit onto one another to form address of any length.

10. Address number changeable when necessary.

11.Build-in LED technology.   1 x LED per each light box!

12.Weatherproof plastic construction.

13. Product dimension: 6" x 3" x 0.6"

      Gift Box: 7" x 4" x 1.5"

Currently the only Available Color is Blue, White, Yellow, Red and Green is not available

SM-208A - Blue:                                      

SM-208A - Yellow:                                    SM-208A-Red:


SM-208A - Blue:                                        SM-208A- White:


SM-208A - Green:

All the Parts:

Note: Price only for one box, pictures in this page may contents 3 or 5 units.  But they are separate unit.  Please do not get confused by the pictures for demo!

Set of digit From 0 to 9

Size of Vinyl: 3 1/4" x 2 3/8", black vinyl with numbers in transparency!

      There are many buyers is asking how to make their own distinguish designs?

      If you wanted to have other colors or variety, please check out Michael's or Big Lot etc.  Even Wal-Mart or Officemax.

      Remember to find waterproof address stickers for this light box.  We are selling a light box, they can use for any signs

      Examples:  These following stickers are from Big Lot and one dollar per sheet, front and back. 




1.Insert desired number through slit and slide from bottom to top.

2. On the back of the unit, remove the rubber piece marked "OPEN" with a screw-driver. Slide the switch to "ON"  position and cover the switch with this rubber pieces.

3. Slide additional number units inside grooves on one side of each unit to complete the address.

4 Use provided screws to mount the unit through two screw holes.

5. Put two plastic pieces on two screw holes.


1. For the best result, solar cells must face direct sunlight to be able to charge up efficiently.

2. Use a pin or screw to remove the two plastic pieces from the two screw holes if when necessary!

3. Optional Alphabet sets, 26 letters for $2.50!  Please check for availability.  Free shipping with the solar light!

Comparison of SM-208 A & B

 Day Time Charging!               Night Time Light up!


Alphabet Set:


First, there are Separate pieces!!

Then you make them into any combo!!

For us, of course  the first word in mind will be


And they will look like this at nights!

Absolutely Beautiful and great for night lighting!

And you can make them into a colorful array!


Shipping , Handling & Insurance:

1)Shipping in USA:

  Postal Parcel to all states, $4 each, Additional unit add $2 each!

2)Insurance please add $2 per unit.    

3)Californian Residents please add 8% sales tax!

4)International order, please go to www.usps.com to check out your rate.

   Or email sales@symmetryco.com for shipping cost quote.

5)Purchase and start saving money and energy!


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4. And thank you for your orders!

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