Every day Solar Power enough for the world's energy needs comes to  the earth from the Sun!!  We should use more of these renewable energy!!  

One hour of Solar Energy equals to one year of Energy need for entire Earth!

And it's free!, It's Clean and it's peaceful!


SM-210-C Solar Outdoor PIR motion sensor control Security Light

Our New SM-210C has more powerful features than the old SM-210 Solar Centurion.  This solar powered outdoor security light has a brighter 10Watt/6VDC G5.3 halogen bulb (Originally 5.5 Watts).  This Security Light that installs easily where utility wiring is impractical or expensive. 

****2013 Grand Promotional Plan****

Not only the original 6V/4A Lead Acid Battery, we now pack a second replacement battery in the box for free!

You will receive 2 batteries!


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Solar sensor flood lights are excellent for home and business entrance, front yard or back yard for spot lighting or for security purpose. No electrical installation, no electrical utility bill, convenient to use.

Also increased the rechargeable battery pack from 3 pcs AA 1.2V Batteries to a bigger Sealed Lead-Acid, 6V/4A = 24W Rechargeable battery for more storage power!

1. Main Features:

1) Ambient luminance (3-20 lux adjustable)

2) PIR Infrared Motion sensor with Adjustable effective range angle 140 degree (horizontally). The sensor can detects moving invisible infra-red radiation given off by a  body, human or animals and then turn on the light.

   And detect motions of a distance of 12M/40 Feet in front of the light.

3) When activated, the Solar Light throws a flood light into the target area for up to 60 seconds adjustable or as long as there is movement in the area. Lights up to 100 times on a single charge.

4) The light can be rotated and tilted in any direction. Unit is equipped with 16 ft of connecting wire for remote and strategic panel placement in the sun.  If you are located in North Hemisphere like in United States, you should face the panel to the South to get maximum exposure to the Sun.

5) Waterproof - Normally this unit is waterproof to IP21.  That means like solar lights, raining is not a problem 

to this unit.  Dipping into water is a problem.  So please check the instruction sheet, if you are not in California

   or Arizona more Sunny area. It's recommended to be installed under an overhang!    

6) Over charge and discharge protected!

Built-in protective circuit to prevent over charge or over discharge of battery!

7) ON-AUTO-OFF work mode optional

8) This unit can be used as ordinary sensor light by connecting the unit with AC/DC adaptor 9V/600mA


It is perfect for security lighting or convenience lighting in your yard, at your garage, around your carport, or wherever security lighting is required at nights.


Item Net Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Item Gross Weight: 5 lbs

Color Box Dimension:  11.5 x 8 x 5 inches

Panel Voltage (Vmp): 10 volts.

Panel Current (Imp) : 150 mA. 

To get a copy of the Instruction Manuel, click here SM-210C

Color Available: White (Reflective to sunlight and keep the set cool in day time!) and Black

Parts Replacement in the future:

All units comes with original battery and light bulb which will last a very long time.  However in the distant future, if you needed replacements.  You can buy from local stores/suppliers or buy from us, use the following prices for your replacement price reference!   To get a fair market price if your had to buy from other local venders.  Good luck!

1)Battery - Lead acid rechargeable battery, 6V, 4Ah

   Battery life about 1.5 - 2years.  $9.99/pc !

2)JC halogen bulb10W/6VG5.3 :  $3.50/pc

Product Warranty

One year from Manufacturer!

Shipping , Handling & Insurance:

1)Shipping in USA:

   Flat rate shipping $12/pc, additional unit add $8 each.  Check www.usps.com for more details.

2)Insurance please add $2 per unit.    

3)Californian Residents please add 8% sales tax!

4)International order, please go to www.usps.com to check out your rate.

   Or email sales@symmetryco.com for shipping cost quote.

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