Every day energy enough for the world's Energy needs reaches the earth from the sun!!

One hour of Solar Energy = One year Energy need for Entire Earth!

And it's free, it's clean and it's peaceful!

2013 Solar Outdoor Lights
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Solar House, Address or Street No. Light Box Collection:
SM-208A- 1 Blue LED Solar Number Light

SM-208B: 2 x Yellow LED Solar Number Light

Go! Solar Light!

Solar energy is for the future, we can use sun to generate power. When light strikes a solar cell, about 51% light can be used to generate electricity. And we can use these abundant natural resources to power our houses/boats/appliances, here are some outdoor solar lights for your selection! Check out all related products and you will enjoy the free solar energy that is a gift from mother nature!


SM-216: 16" dia. Satin Solar Lantern:

Solar Lantern can be separated & sold as 2 parts:

SM-216L: Shoji Satin Silk Lantern:

 SM-216C: Solar Cup Light:

SM-230: Solar Lotus Float


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