Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery Salvation kit - PH Water

                                           The Interior of the Lead-Acid Gel-Sealed Battery

The battery consists of 6 cells connected in series, each cell having an 

emf of about 2 V, giving 12 V as the overall emf of the battery. More

details: http://www.physchem.co.za/OB12-sys/batteries.htm

Before Li batteries became more affordable, Lead Acid Rechargeable is still our commonly used battery!

Recycled LA batteries is a major endeavor.   Here is a product who may extend LA battery life from 2-3 years to 10

years, reduce the recycling and procurement cost.  This is an experimental products, please read our disclaimer.

And Read the instruction before Purchasing or apply the product. 

PH Water Prolong Battery Life and Desulfation -  made in Japan or Taiwan

I. Origin & Reasons:

Battery (lead-acid batteries) life is about 2 to 3 years. Root of the problem is 90% of

the plates developed lead sulfate crystals on them.  Which leads to the battery performance Declined. 

As shown in picture below, these white lead sulfate crystals which can be removed by adding PH water.

Result of the dissolution of lead sulfate crystals, save and extend the life cycles of the batteries.

PH water will not damage the plates or the original structure of the battery during the process, it is harmless!

PH Water Testing results proved it is a neutral water-soluble products,  does not contain any erosion  

substances, Even if the products released to nature, it will be consumed by the natural microbial Decomposition



PH Water can be dissolved the lead sulfate crystals developed on the plates completely 

and form a protective film. 

Which restore the plates and perform in their orignal best like new battery.

For consumers' protection, the product has twenty million product liability insurance coverage 

purchased by the manufacturers. 

II. Benefits:

1. Made of Organic Polymer, Extended Battery's life to it's extreme!

2. A Maximum of 10 years could be achieved if PH Water is applied once a year!

III Pricing: 

Household Size Battery Size Vehicle Size Wholesale Price Retail Price Wholesale Quantity
Large - 60cc 90Ah ~ 130Ah 4,000 cc $35/pack  $49.99 Over 30 packs
Medium - 40.2 cc 50Ah ~   85Ah 2,000 cc or above $27/pack  $39.99 Over 40 packs
Small - 15 cc 26Ah ~   48Ah 2,000 cc or under $14/pack $19.99 Over 70 packs
Download Instruction Sheet: PW Water
Auto Shop Size CH-200 1,000cc per bottle $499.95 $699.95 Over 2 bottles
  Large bottle, for the professionals!
**Battery recyclers could work on recycled batteries and resale at a discount price as refurbished batteries!

IV. Digital Illustration 

Simply adding 6 caps of PH Water to the Battery's 6 compartments!

(If there were white erosion deposits on top of battery, used used toothbrush and warm water can remove 

them easily!)


V. Disclaimers:

1.  Prices are subjected to changes, please check for final confirmation! 

2.   Dealers required, please call or send email to battery@symmetryco.com

3. Test Reports are available upon request!

4. Shipment by USPS/UPS or full pallet load, please try to utilize maximum load to save freight!

5. New Products, please read instruction sheets and be responsible for mishandling if failed to

    read manuals.


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