SM-812 Bamboo Pillow & SM-814 Straw Pillows:

In Renewable Energy, we try to steer away from fossil fuels and its derivatives. Like Plastic what is littering our Earth!  They are not biodegradable!  Instead of using plastic products, we should use materials from Mother Nature! Bamboo is a good example!  Here is a series of Bamboo Products. 

1. SM-812 Bamboo Pillow:


     Unlike other pillows made of synthetic foams, the Bamboo Pillow is breathable!

    Good air ventilation cools your head.  The bamboo removes heat from your skin, suitable for warn climate.

    With Lavender, Jasmine & Igusa(Chinese Iris) Filling, smell very nice & refreshing!  Full of natural flavours!

    These selected floral petals and tea leaves has medical refreshing contribution according to practices in

    Ancient Chinese Medicines.  To relieve heat from head, reduce anxiety, relax the nerves, easier to sleep!

    The woven bamboo or Straw Pillow cases has side zipper entries, so you can replace the Filling with 

    dried Rose, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum or other floral petals, even dried leaves from your garden.

    If you lived in an apartment, you can purchase potpourri from Art & Craft stores or preserve all the tea 

    leaves from your daily drinks.  But must be very dry, amply exposed to sun light and make sure no moisture left!

    Dimension: L20" x W10" x H3",   Weight: 3 lbs

    Each Pillow comes with a gift bag.

    Color Combo:  

   1) Dark Color - Front is No. 1 and back is No. 4



    Special Herringbone Weave close ups:



     2) Light Color - Front is No. 2 and back is No. 3


   2. SM-814 Straw Pillow:


    Breathable Pillow with Smell of dried Straw with Lavender, Green Tea Leaves and Bamboo charcoal Filling

    Floral print borders and Leaf Embroidery Deco, it is a cool pillow!

    Dimension: L20" x W20" x H3",   Weight: 2.7 lbs

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