Solar Containers - Conversion from 40' Steel Shipping Containers


Solar Container - 40' x 9' x 8' Retired Steel shipping containers can be converted to living containers.

It is EarthQuake resistant, so we seek help from Non-Profit organizations that works in Haiti to move these

steel homes to Haiti as their permanent homes.  We are working  with Steel Designer Leo Frederick, some

of his designs are listing here. These Solar Containers can be transported to disaster zone or provide city 


Haiti-12-Bunk Solar Container  US Duplex - Compost Toilet Solar Container
Haitian has large family, these containers has 12-bunk beds.  Not only can accommodate large family and also can take in refugees in case of emergency  It can also be used in orphanages in taking more children became orphans after disasters.  

There will have 500 watts of Thin Film Solar panels, these low cost panels is under $1.5/watt.  Either GSA-060 from Kaneka Solar in Japan or EPV-042 from New Millennium from New Jersey.  

Small Solar System stores power in battery pack and provide night time DC lighting and power for DC camping stoves.  Haitian had chopped down all their trees for firewood, so either solar cooker or the DC stove is needed for cooking. 

Estimate price for cost of materials and labor for conversion is $20,000! 

Due to recession, some of the home owners lost their homes and lives in camp city.  There are non-profit organization is seriously helping them to find a better shelters.  These duplex container has 2 units for 2 separate individuals but sharing kitchen and bathroom.

There will have 1,500 watts of solar system, to provide lighting and basic appliances for normal life.  Compost toilet is provided when the container will be away from sewage systems.

Build in Solar Oven or outdoor Solar cooker can be provided and Pedal Generator like an energy bike can provide back up power.

Estimate price for this container is $25,000

**Many other options like Solar Windows can be put in to increase power generation.

==>Some pictures during the conversion, French Door and sliding door are for the Duplex Unit.


Other Solar Container Models included:

1. 2-Bed with Bathroom

2. 3-Bed in 2 containers - For larger family home

3. Homeless- Disaster-Bathroom - For city dwelling or emergency deployment.

4. Hospital-Beds - For emergency additional hospital beds

5. Mobile Classroom/Conference Room       

    For children in low-income neighborhood that does not have computers at home

6. Mobile Computer/Classroom                

    For children in 3rd world countries that does not have computer educations.

7. Office or Storage - custom design is welcome!    


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