Every day energy enough for the world's energy needs reaches the earth from the sun!!

One hour of Solar Energy = One year Energy need for Entire Earth!

And it's free, it's clean and it's peaceful!

DIY Solar Cooker, find available styles, either boxes shapes or parabolic dish.

Check on google, youtube.  Step by step instruction available.

Use 3M Super 77 multiple spray glue to attach the 4 mil sheets to plastic or metal sheets.

And you can make your personal solar cookers.

Make multiple of them, one for breads, one for roast chicken/ribs and one for soups!

Save time , energy and have a lot of fun!

Have a great Solar Bar B. Q. Party:

SM-602:  50" Silver Mylar on 100% Polyester Sheets, Both sides Silver mirror


Width: 50"

Length: 10 ft ~ 150ft.  

Our 90-95% reflectivity 4 mil Mylar sheet $0.47/SF, $1.99/Ft, 50" width 

1.  10 Ft roll = $19.99, weight 3 lbs

2.  30 Ft roll = $57.97, weight 5 lbs

3.  50 Ft roll = $96.99, weight 7 lbs

4.  100 Ft roll = $193.99, weight 10 lbs

5.  150 Ft roll = $289.99, weight 12 lbs

Each 10 ft, 30 ft , 50 ft roll pack in a 50" x 2" diameter Kraft Shipping Tube.

100 ft and 150 ft roll pack in 50" x 3" diameter Kraft Shipping tube. 


SM-602:  50" Mylar Sheets, double side mirror sheet

Thickness: 4 mil both side mirror

***Small Lamp Shade Solar "Microwave Oven"!  

Surprise! A little experiment turned into a sort of solar "Micro Wave Oven" that works great!

Using an old lamp shade covered the inner side with Mylar! It turned into a powerful cooker!

Warmed up cold tea in 5 minutes (vs. 2 minutes in a real electric 700~1500 watts "Microwave Oven", 

not too bad!  And it thawed then warmed up frozen veggies also very quickly!

Experience here?  It is better to use a clear glass, not black mug or container!  

Heat can hit liquid or foods directly, not to waste energy/time to heat up the container first.  

Plastic containers not recommended, 

intensity of concentration sun light will burn holes in plastic.  Ouch!


Some videos about Solar Cookers:


===>6 lbs roast chicken, potato, pasley, black peppers...... 350-385F cooker temperature(40F ambient temperature in a Canadian Winter day!)


===>Darfur, Sudan -  Solar Cooker work shop provided by American Voluteers


===>Multiple cookers in Arizona, Harness the sun


===> Solar pop corns using a solar balloon cooker!


===>Solar scrambled eggs!


===>Solar Weiner dogs!


==>Solar Wall Oven!


===>Darfur, Sudan -  Solar Cooker work shop provided by American Volunteers

In African Darfau Refugee camp, 20,000 refugees may have to share 1000 solar

cookers.  So the women didn't have to walk further away from the camp to

firewood to cook for their families.
While wondering too far away from the camp, they ran into the same troops who

 driven them away from their homes and got raped or killed. 

***And for solar cooker tracing plan, go to this link


==>Here  you can download plan, tracking to cut out DIY several solar cookers.


Other use for the Mylar: Simple Concentration 2x to double amps/wattage:

Check out our Mylar Sheet or get a cheap mirror, reflect more light to the solar panel.

Please note the size of reflector could not be smaller in size, unless the entire panel

received uniformity of influx of light?  The lowest amps cell will be prevailing, however

if could have uniform light across the entire panel?  2x light will double the amps(but

voltage remained unchaged, the cheapest way to double your amps of each panels.

That is doubling of your total wattage output, 10 watts becomes 20 watts!

Our 90-95% reflectivity 4 mil Mylar sheet $0.47/SF, $1.99/Ft, 50" width x 10 Ft roll = $19.99

50 Ft Roll = $59.97 etc. 

4 Mil both side mirrored, strong enough for outdoor application!

Shipping , Handling & Insurance:

1)Kraft tube to all states, $15 each !  Additional unit add $15 each.  Insurance please add $2 per unit.  

  Californian Residents please add 8.75% sales tax!

2)International order, please go to www.usps.com to check out your rate for 2 lbs package.  Or check with seller!

3)Purchase and start saving money and energy!

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