Every day energy enough for the world's energy needs reaches the earth from the sun!!

One hour of Solar Energy = One year Energy need for Entire Earth!

And it's free, it's clean and it's peaceful!

Collapsible Solar "Microwave Oven" Cube

Use hologram as reflector/diffuser, created a highly reflective inner surface to make the cubical oven a simple solar oven to heat up foods or drinks like a microwave oven.  We called it the world's first commercially available plastic solar oven and it is made in USA!!  

US Patent#61/575,272 pending, please do not copy!

The reflector reflects the solar energy back to the foods/cooking pots in the center of the oven, it is an active solar concentrator at work!   Instead of relying on gas range or 700~1,000 watts microwave oven, these solar microwave oven can save your utility bill.  Maybe it is only $10 to $20 a month's saving on utility bills?

But as a nation, it is a lot of free energy from the sun. Cut down national dependence on fossil fuel and reduce your own carbon footprints.  Horse Ranges/Farms where no power or natural gas services, solar is a solution to dependence on tanks of propane that required hauling to the sites! 

And actually you are not spending money, it is an investment.  Money to purchase it will pay back itself, from the saving of your long term utility expenses! 

When there is blizzards, earthquakes, power outages etc. while others has no power or gas to sustain, You can have your hot meals and hot foods with the energy independent solar microwave oven.  Powered by the sun!

*House Wife's Wish is our Command!

An older house wife called and asked if she could buy a Solar Hot water heater for her house for less than $200 ? Here is a solution. Paint any empty milk jars in black at almost no cost, then fill with water and place inside this solar microwave oven. You will have a Solar Hot Water heater for just $139.99!  Water Jar is very hot, please use oven mitten to remove the jars!

**Industrial application: Green log only need 113F to melt the wax. Click for details Green Log!

Actual prototype testing, a plastic 24-inch cube, in Southern California 90~105 F(32 to 40C) weather, the

temperature inside the darken cooking pot or container can reach 225F(107C) in the morning and 

275F(135C) during noon time. 

A plastic 24 x 16 x 16 inch rectangular cube, in Southern California 60~75F(16~24C) weather, the 

temperature can reach 165F(80C) in the morning and 200F(93C) in noon time. 

Southern California 75~90F(24~32C) weather, testing in the early morning temperatures can reach 

175F(80C) and 215F(101C) in noon time.

Test report(Noon) 60~75F/16~24C 75~90F/24~32C 90~105F/32~40C
24"x16"x16" 200F/93C(01-03-12) 215F/101C  
24"x24"x16"     275F/135C

It can also boil drinking water, distill sea water, when the oven temperature had reached or over boiling

point of 212F(100C). Temperatures inside the cooking pot or containers and other future field test data

will be updated once available in the product web pages.

24" x 16" x 16"  Oven Cube, Unit price $139.99     

Here is a picture of frozen TV dinner and Pizza in an oblong cube!  

Oven Dimension: 24" x 16" x 16" , Shipping Dimension: 25" x 19" x 5", Shipping Weight: 22 lbs

 A) Water Bubble Hologram Reflector  - 24" x 16" x 16" Oblong Cube   




B) Mini Fresnel Lens Reflector - 24"x 16" x 16" Oblong Cube, Unit price $139.99


They can also cook rice, egg, potato, vegetable or any dishes/stew/soup!  As long as you are not in a hurry!

   <Brown Rice with Flex Seeds! >                       < Brown Rice and egg! >


   Frozen foods Just out of freezer....                                    Heated up and ready to eat.......


   Yam before........                                                 Steamed and cooked.........


   Frozen Potstickers(Gyoza)(Dumpling) out of freezer.....   Potstickers(Gyoza)(Dumpling) is ready........


   Frozen Pizza Pretzel+Sausage+popcorn Chicken     All is ready in the oven......


   Frozen Pizza out of freezer......                             Pizza is ready in the oven......


   Cake and Pastries                                                 Noodles, Spaghetti (Vermicelli).....


Office workers

For Examples, workers goes to work in the morning.  Load their lunches in the solar micro wave ovens

and come back at lunch time!  You can have your hot meals and hot drinks or soups ready for you!

Not costing you or your company a penny for the energy as long as you have Sun!  

Home owners:

It saves your electric bill for not turning on 700 ~ 1500 watts of real Microwave oven.  

Or less natural gas cooking and smaller NG bill.

Each house will need one or as many as you like.   Try out the world's first plastic Solar Micro Wave

Oven".   Once you start your solar cooking?  There is no turning back, you will be hooked.  

Not only it is a lot of fun, when you can cut down your energy bill and carbon footprint?

Night Time Lightbox:

Talk about multi-function!  

The diffusers serves another function at nights to scatter light source and became a light box.

Candle will not die out inside the box!    

Flashlight looks bluish!                                      Candle is more attractive!


When it is not in use for cooking or lighting, you can use it to increase solar rays sent to your solar panel, can increase the Amp by 2-3X, interested in the 10 watts panel, click here:

Prices, Dimension & Weight:

There are 2 sizes of Plastic Micro Wave Oven available and in Circles or Mini Square Fresnel 

Lens- two different holographic reflectors for selection.  Crystal hologram will be available soon!

Size/Hologram 24"x16"x16" Cube
Water Bubble  $139.99
Mini Fresnel $139.99
Weight/lbs 22
Dimension: 25"x19"x5"
Est. Shipping  $28

*Right now we are buying from Californian local distributors/middleman, cost is 3 times higher than China's. 

The big national Plastic manufacturers, their sales is very lazy.  Do not wish to be bothered to deal with direct

fabricators. So we are looking for smaller US direct extruders of Plexiglas to buy directly and reduce the production cost.  If you know

a good supplier, please check site www.symmetryco.com and contact product development.  Not only we need to lower our selling price 

and also need to stay competitive in international market.  If there is a price fixing by national distributors to keep higher profit margin,

we had reported similar case to DOJ and California Governor Brown.  But both offices didn't take action, price fixing violates anti-trust

law.  - according to our lawyer. Greediness is sucking vital energy out of a dynamic economy!  Government is incompetent!


Reflected and Concentrated light inside the oven is intensive, please wear protective eyewear

(e.g. sunglass) and gloves!


Pots and Parts:

  *** Free Shipping for Dial Meter and turntable with the purchases of any solar ovens!

  ** Click pictures above for more details about each items! 

Shipping , Handling & Insurance:

We can now ship in collapsible flat pack with a slide door not a swing door!

1)Shipping in USA:

   24"x16"x16" oven cube by USPS parcel post is around $28

2)Insurance please add $2 per unit.    

3)Californian Residents please add 8% sales tax!

4)International order, please go to www.usps.com to check out your rate.

   Or email sales@symmetryco.com for shipping cost quote.

    Some examples:
Country International Priority Mail 2 units
Canada $75 $120
Australia $130 $200
New Zealand $130 $200
China $100 $140
Germany $80 $120

5)Purchase and start saving money and energy!


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