Every day energy enough for the world's energy needs reaches the earth from the sun!!

One hour of Solar Energy = One year Energy need for Entire Earth!

And it's free, it's clean and it's peaceful!

Multi-function Round Solar Oven in a bag!

1. Solar Oven Bag

Below is our own patent pending Round Oven Bag

2. Thermal Bag

It not only is a solar cooker/oven but it can also be a thermal bag zipping up the top/front panels to become a thermal bag.  So in outdoor, you can keep your foods hot and warn after cooked or after sunset.  

3. Cooler Bag

In other cases if you had cold beverages and want to keep them chilled, you can simply zip up the bag and use it as a cooler bag.  Of course any perishable vegetables/fruits could store in this cooler bag to keep it cool and fresh.  

4. EM Blocker Bag

Store electronic devices inside the bag, can block out all magnetic wave interference which may damage it's function.   Maybe you don't want your cell phone to annoy you or anyone can trace where you are (where your cell phone will give your location away), put it in the bag.  

5. Emergency/Signal Bag

Use the large area of reflector to create flash signal in emergency or accidents, maybe rescuers can see the flash signal from afar or from the chopper hovering above.  It can also be an emergency blanket to keep you warm at night. 

Multi-functional bag packed 5 jobs in one bag.   Great bag!  Everybody wants one!  The "iBag"!

We are taking pre-order but delivery will be one month or longer at the same price and then the price will be adjusted.  Please wait if you are interested.  Since we are discontinuing the shameful China knock-out, any our previous buyers who wants our  new bag?  We will provide free shipping to our old customers, limited to first one. 

The original design has a slant back and some other problems we had found out during our experiments in using the cooker bag, so we had improved in our own version.  Sorry it takes so long to come to fruition.  Innovation is not overnight, it takes many efforts to make many prototypes to test and make the final version.   Even we didn't know the original designer but we were going to sell our own better/improved bag.  Our straight back will not affect sun's rays to get into the reflector, while the slant back of the old style will become a problem and users will have to adjust the orientation.  With our straight back design, no need to worry about the sun is high up in the mid sky in Summer. (Because in Earth's rotation, in Summers, we are closer to the sun)


Each portable solar oven comes with a carry-bag is $49.99

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Dimension & Weight:

The Diameter is 24"

**Weight: 2 lbs


Reflected and Concentrated light inside the oven is intensive, please wear protective eyewear

(e.g. sunglass) and gloves!


Pots and Parts:

  *** Free Shipping for Dial Meter and turntable with the purchases of any solar ovens!

  ** Click pictures above for more details about each items! 

That's all!  You can now cook!

You can get a black pot/plate with clear or black lid! 

Cooking in the bag, need to cover the food containers with a cover.  Without cover, liquid

vaporized quickly and the clear cover of the oven bag will get foggy by the water steams.  

Will hider the solar energy collecting! 

Also Eggs can cook itself in a container, no need to boil in water like in the conventional cooking!

Buyers - please send pictures of your solar cooking experiences or recipes to share with others!

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1.Domestic priority is $10 each !  Additional unit add $5 each.  Insurance please add $2 per unit.   

  Californian Residents please add 7.75% sales tax!

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4.Purchase and start saving money and energy!


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