Every day energy enough for the world's energy needs reaches the earth from the sun!!

One hour of Solar Energy = One year Energy need for Entire Earth!

And it's free, it's clean and it's peaceful!

SM-614: Mini Off-Grid Solar Heating Elements/Instant Water Heater

1. 12VDC Water Heating Element -$9.99, drawing power from 12V battery pack!

    Good Instant Water Heater, can work with Solar Panels to provide Solar Hot Water! 


2.  110/220VAC - New Style Ionic Heating Element/Instant Water heater is only $12.99

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1. SM-614-DC12V: 6" Lollypop Heating Element (Instant Water Heater)

12V Battery Wiring Diagram, capacity  Max input 12V(10A-12A) = 120-140W

6" Heat Element w/male cigarette lighter plug to plug in auto's battery directly! 




Instant Water Heater in Vacuum Flask or Thermo Bottle, Powered by 10 watts or higher wattage solar panel. Connected by SM-614E cord, can purchase below:

Survival Kit. Instant Water Heater in Milk Jar painted black, Powered by 10 watts or higher wattage solar panel, Connected by SM-614E cord, can purchase below:

For Fuse protection:

please use additional Lighter Receptacle Converter that comes with 10 or 5 amp fuse and may even have 2 x 5V USB ports +2 x 12V Lighter Sockets, or 3 x 12V Receptacles




Some illustrated here but consumers can find more usages on your own! 

Traveling Companion:

Warm up milk for babies...

Glass Baby Milk Bottles, Not plastic!
Hot Coffee or Tea in your car:

Warn up Can Soup while traveling:

Survival Kit, Convert milk jar for emergency Paint it black & insert device to boil water!


Not a healthy food choice, but for Emergency or Travel Convenience:

Pond Heater (Koi Heater):

Be ready for Winter, Adding a floating EVA foam or Styrofoam, this heat element can keep an area of the pond free of ice to ensure the pond surface has an air ventilation hole to allow vital oxygen entering the water below to keep your precious fishes or pet survive the cold Winter!

If you are heading out fishing in Winter time, this can also help to crack a hole on icy lake or waters!

Rescue your snow-in car or get it started?

Spa, Foot Massage Parlor: 

Need Hot Water Melting Snows:

If interested, Please check out Small Sopray Solar Panels!

2. SM-614-220/110VAC: 12.5" Ionic Heating Element/Instant Water Heater

SM-614-220/110VAC: 12.5" Ionic Heating Element or Instant Water Heater Plug the Instant Water Heater into the Inverter
Use Inverter that has switch to provide either 110VAC or 220VAC

Need hot water or heat up canned soup in camping trips.  Emergency, no power supply in Earthquakes or Tornado hit!

Click to read Instruction Sheet

Basic Principle: Heating not by heating the rod but by exciting the positive and negative ion of mineral or metal in the water. i.e. Calcium or Magnesium. The ions travel fast and causing the water molecules friction rapidly and generates heat to heat up the water.  The device itself has no heat.
**Must submerge the device in a thermo bottle not metal containers, nor open top containers. May cause electric shocks! If you don't have a thermo bottle, use glass jar or convert wine/beer bottle.
Once it is out of water, will stop working.  If you need to remove the device, unplug first.

**Different water quality will have different results. Clean Spring water has less metal or mineral, it may boil slowly.  If Water is full of inpurity, will heat up fast but may have metal precipitates & you will find water turning yellow.@

1)Max input: <100~230V, 50~60Hz, it is      better to use 220V but 110VAC will be okay, just slower.
2)Maximum 800 watts capacity.
3)IC Ringer alert when water is boiled. 
4)For fuse, please wire one if your power source has large amp current.


1) Instant Hot Water

2) Music Alarm when water is boiled

3) Automatically cut off when out of water.

4) Portable, lightweight, easy to operate!

Heating Element can not be used with metal containers.  Glass Jars, Wine Glasses, or convert Wine or Beer Bottles, 


Survival Kit, Convert milk jar for emergency & insert device to boil Water!

Glass Lined Vacuun Flask/Thermo Bottle. SM-620V 2 Litres @$39.99, available in Red or Brown, Plastic or Cork Lid(+$3)


Instant Water Heater in Vacuum Flask or Thermo Bottle, Powered by 10 watts or higher wattage solar panel + Inverter@ Survival Kit. Instant Water Heater in , powered by 10 watts or higher wattage solar panel +  Inverter@

If interested, Please check out Small Sopray Solar Panels!


SM-614E:  $9.99
Receptacle + Battery Clamp
SM-614O:   $6.99
DC-Omni adaptor

10" coil cord, maximum extension 120" long.  Positive/Negative Battery Clamps to be connected to 12V battery, Provide user handy off grid power supply!


Car Charger plug has 5A fuse protection

12VDC step down to 3/6/9/12V per each different connectors


SM-614R:  $19.99
DC Voltage Regulator
SM-614R-9V:  $9.99
DC Voltage Regulator + 9V battery charger

Car Charger plug has 10A fuse protection

Input: 11-14VDC

Voltage Switch Output:
15/16/18/19/20VDC at 3.5A regulated or 22/24VDC at 2.9A regulated


Regulated DC Converter, 1A fuse protection

Input: 12VDC

Voltage Switch Output:
DC 1.5/3/4.5/6/7.5/912VDC, 0-600mA

3/6/9/12V adaptor tips, LED indicator, 9V rechargeable battery charger


SM-614R-AC/DC Rectifier 
Each Unit: $6.99
Input: AC-110V~240V, 20mA, 47~63Hz

Output: DC4.5~9.5V, Max 800mA

Indoor Use Only!



Shipping, Handling & Insurance:

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   Additional unit add $1 each.  Insurance please add $1 per unit.   

  Californian Residents please add 8% sales tax!

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