Small Off-Grid Solar Hot Water Collectors

1. Off-Grid Solar Hot Water Collector:

This video illustrate how a Sunmaxx hot water collector works

It is a Sunmaxx - 55 gallons tank + 20 evacuated tube system, for $1,300

China made smaller system for 20 gallon tank + 10 evacuated tube, price is $750

2. China made 20 gallon Bare bone Solar Collector: $199.99 plus $30 shipping

1) Size:40" x 40" x 1".

2) Absorber area: 10 square feet. 

3) Weight: 10 lb.

4) Capacity: Minimum 20 gallons of hot water

5) Made of 8 copper tubes and aluminum fins with highly efficient absorber coating (all

metal, no plastic). Ultrasonic welding. Made in China.

6) Heating Fluids:


Water is nontoxic and inexpensive. With a high specific heat, and a very low viscosity, it's easy to pump. Unfortunately, water has a relatively low boiling point and a high freezing point. It can also be corrosive if the pH (acidity/alkalinity level) is not maintained at a neutral level. Water with a high mineral content (i.e., "hard" water) can cause mineral deposits to form in collector tubing and system plumbing.  Distilled water is a good choice!

Glycol/water mixtures 

You may consider using Propylene Glycol (non-toxic antifreeze liquid) in the collector-radiator loop, mixed with water in concentrations that will prevent damage from freezing to the lowest anticipated temperatures in your region.

Glycol/water mixtures have a 50/50 or 60/40 glycol-to-water ratio. Ethylene and propylene glycol are "antifreezes." Ethylene glycol is extremely toxic and should only be used in a double-walled, closed-loop system. You can use food-grade propylene glycol/water mixtures in a single-walled heat exchanger, as long as the mixture has been certified as nontoxic. Make sure that no toxic dyes or inhibitors have been added to it. Most glycols deteriorate at very high temperatures. You must check the pH value, freezing point, and concentration of inhibitors annually to determine whether the mixture needs any adjustments or replacements to maintain its stability and effectiveness. 

Barebone 8 copper tube +Aluminum Fin

Actual Installations: 

Without Any Cover Self Made Plastic or Plexiglas Cover

3. 12V Water heat Fork -$9.99 plus shipping, drawing power from 12V battery pack!

    Unlike the instant Electrical Water Heat, need 3~5KW for instant hot water!    

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1. SM-614-DC12V: 6" Lollypop Heating Element (Instant Water Heater)

12V Battery Wiring Diagram, capacity  Max input 12V(10A-12A) = 120-140W

6" Heat Element w/male cigarette lighter plug to plug in auto's battery directly! 




110/220VAC - New Style Ionic Heating Element/Instant Water heater is only $12.99

SM-614-220/110VAC: 12.5" Ionic Heating Element/Instant Water Heater

SM-614-220/110VAC: 12.5" Ionic Heating Element or Instant Water Heater Plug the Instant Water Heater into the Inverter
Use Inverter that has switch to provide either 110VAC or 220VAC

Need hot water or heat up canned soup in camping trips.  Emergency, no power supply in Earthquakes or Tornado hit!

Click to read Instruction Sheet

Basic Principle: Heating not by heating the rod but by exciting the positive and negative ion of mineral or metal in the water. i.e. Calcium or Magnesium. The ions travel fast and causing the water molecules friction rapidly and generates heat to heat up the water.  The device itself has no heat.
**Must submerge the device in a thermo bottle not metal containers, nor open top containers. May cause electric shocks! If you don't have a thermo bottle, use glass jar or convert wine/beer bottle.
Once it is out of water, will stop working.  If you need to remove the device, unplug first.

**Different water quality will have different results. Clean Spring water has less metal or mineral, it may boil slowly.  If Water is full of inpurity, will heat up fast but may have metal precipitates & you will find water turning yellow.@


4. Solar 5 Gallon hot water bag or bigger Plastic Water tanks

You can even use a black PVC bag or a large plastic PVC containers to make hot water.

Solar Hot water Shower bag $9.99

Black Plastic Water Tank


5 Gallon - need to mix with cold water


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