Every day energy enough for the world's Energy needs reaches the earth from the sun!!

One hour of Solar Energy = One year Energy need for Entire Earth!

And it's free, it's clean and it's peaceful!

Small Panels Under 15 Watts:

Small Panels Under 15 watts does not need a regulator, use these small panels to charge smart

phones, tablets, batteries and other portable electronic devices while in outdoor. @

I. Small 10 Watts Solar Panel Combo Kit:

10 watts+SM-614E Extension cord for $59.98, Get these free:  (Details see below!)

A 10 Watts solar panel($49.99) + SM-614E Extension Cord($9.99) +  Dual USB port adaptor($4.99) + USB battery charger($4.99) + 2 x AA/2 x AAA Ni-Mh Batter($6) + Free shipping($15) to US buyers, a total $91 Combo Kit(Buyer gets a 35% Big Discount!) Which provides a clean renewable solution to charge up your smart phone,Tablet, Battery & Auto Devices!   (International buyers please use eBay's automatic calculator to find out postage)

ll these are included, Convenient package kit!!
1) 1 x 10 Watts Small Mono Crystalline Solar Panel 
2) 1 x Extension Cord with Lighter Socket
3) 1 x Mini Dual USB Port Charger, 2.1A for iPhone, 1A for Android & others
4) 1 x Mini USB Port(1.2V) Twin(2 x AAA or 2 x AA) Ni-Mh Battery Charger
5) 2 x 1.2V/1000mAh AAA Ni-Mh Rechargeable Batteries
6) 2 x 1.2V/3000mAh AA Ni-Mh Rechargeable Batteries
7) Free US shipping, international buyers please use eBay's automated shipping calculator to check rates


Monocrystalline Solar Panel




@ @



Vmp (V)







MC4 Connector



Stock Qty


/Watt $



SF Solar Small Panels

MOX-5 5 17.5 0.29 20.8 0.32 320*160*25 125*125 N 3 100 $5.99 $29.99
MOX-10 10 16.2 0.62 21.1 0.73 406*286*25 125*125 N 4 100 $4.99 $49.99
MOX-15 15 12.0 1.25 14.5 1.36 530*266*25 125*125 N 5 N/A $3.99 $59.99

Re 10 watts Monocrystalline Solar Panel : 
Max Power Pmax:    10 watt
Operating Voltage Vmp:   18.68V
Operating Current Imp:  0.68A
Open Circuit Voltage Voc:  22.94V
Short Circuit Current Isc:  0.77A
Dimension: 406mm x 286mm x 25mm(16" x 11.26" x 0.98")
Weight:  1.5 kgs(4 lbs)

Wiring Instruction: 

For field connection, use minimum 12AWG copper wire( insulated for minimum 194F/90C)

Charging Cell Phone Battery & other small electronic devices, use SM-614E extension cord($9.99)  

a) Clamp directly to the +/- ends of solar panel to provide DC/12V

b) Clamp on the +/- ends of Battery to provide DC/12V

a)10 Watts + 12VDC Receptacle: SM-614E Extension Cord: b)10 Watts+ Battery+ Receptacle

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Re How to Apply Solar Power or Battery Power
Buying the solar panel together with the SM-614E cord for $59.99

For charge up the Small Electronic Devices or battery, we offer small solar panel Combo kit  that included:    

1) Combo kit included USB port adaptor for charging cell phone, tablets etc.  

    Get the free Dual USB port converter(buyer can send request for color but if we didn't have that in stock, 

    will be sending randomly picked color)

    Two USB ports, top port output 2.1A for iPhone, lower port output 1A for Android & others
2) A mini USB Dual battery charger (2 x AA or 2 x AAA Ni-Mh Battery Charger)
   That has an interchangeable metal contact plate that can be flipped up and down to fit 2 x AA or 2 x AAA
   size of battery. The charger is made of plastic, not metal.  Very good design and you can use free solar
   power to charge battery.
3) Also in the package kit
   2 x AA, 1.2V/3000mAh Ni-Mh and 2 x AAA, 1.2V/1000mAh Ni-Mh Rechargeable Batteries are included!
   Charging AA or AAA Rechargeable Battery, use the USB port Battery Charger

4) Auto Parts: DC12V Lighter socket can provide DC power for small Auto DC Appliances under 5~10A. 


II. 5 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Combo Kit :
MOX-5 @

Max Power Pmax:    5 watt
Operating Voltage Vmp:   16.8V
Operating Current Imp:  0.30A
Open Circuit Voltage Voc:  21V
Short Circuit Current Isc:  0.33A
Dimension:  254mm x 294mm x 23mm(10" x 11.57" x 0.91")
Weight:  1.20 kgs(3 lbs)
Qty/Carton Wt./Carton Size: 20pcs/22.5kgs(49.6 lbs)/692*338*190(27.24"x13.3"x7.48")

Wiring Instruction: 

For field connection, use minimum 12AWG copper wire, insulated for minimum 90C

Re Charging Cell Phone, Battery & Other small electronic devices, use SM-614E extension cord($9.99)  

a)Clamp directly to the +/- ends of solar panel to provide Dc12V power

b)Clamp on +/- ends of battery to supply DC12V power

a)5 Watts + 12VDC Receptacle: SM-614E Extension Cord: b)5 Watt + Battery + Receptacle:

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2) Charging AA or AAA Rechargeable Battery, use USB port twin battery Charger

***Buying the solar panel together with the SM-614E cord for $49.98

Get these free:

1) 1 x 5 Watts Mono Solar Panel

2) 1 x Coil Extension Cord with Lighter Socket

3) 1 x Mini USB port(5V/1A Max) converter

4) 1 x Mini USB port(5V) twin (2 x AAA or 2 x AA) battery Charger (Battery not included)

5) Free shipping for lower 48 states, during check out. Select the free shipping option.


**Simple Concentration to double amps/wattage:

Check out our Mylar Sheet or get a cheap mirror, reflect more light to the solar panel.

Please note the size of reflector could not be smaller in size, unless the entire panel

received uniformity of influx of light?  The lowest amps cell will be prevailing, however

if could have uniform light across the entire panel?  2x light will double the amps(but

voltage remained unchaged, the cheapest way to double your amps of each panels.

That is doubling of your total wattage output, 10 watts becomes 20 watts!

Our 90-95% reflectivity 4 Mil Mylar sheet $0.48/SF, $1.99/Ft, 50" width x 10 Ft roll = $19.99

4 Mil Silver Mylar, Strong enough for outdoor application!


If you are users of our solar microwave oven, can use it to increase solar rays sending to your

small solar panel, click picture to view the product


Federal Incentives/Policies for Renewable & Efficiencies:

You may qualify to file incentives to pay off 30% of your Renewable Energy Equipment Purchase, see below

1. Personal income tax, for products "placed in service" in the same filing year,

e.g 2013 placed in service then file in 2013's 1040 form. 

Download IRS form 5695 and submit it with your 1040, the residential energy tax credit

(from form 5695) is claimed on line 52.



2. Corporate income tax. Download IRS form 3468



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