Every day energy enough for the world's energy Needs reaches the earth from the sun!!

One hour of Solar Energy = One year Energy need for Entire Earth!

And it's free, it's clean and it's peaceful!

Sunlan Brand New Polycrystalline Solar Panel

230 Watt!  Ship from California, USA!  Only $0.87/watt!

Minimum purchase 20 panels per pallet, 4,600 watts and $3,999.99


SLM-230P Framed Panel

MC4 connectors:


$199.99 per panel, $0.87/watt

Main Features: 

SLM230P is top quality, high efficient poly-crystalline silicon solar module. This panel is both UL and CEC Listed, which is qualified for both federal tax credit for all 50 states and state incentives in states such as California.

The characteristics of Sunlan SLM230P include:

High Efficiency

Module efficiency of up to 14.7% (up to 240W per module)

Power tolerance of 3%

Quality Parts

Solar-grade tampered glass

EVA lamination

Water and weather proof foil back sheet

Durable, fully closed aluminum frame

Standard multi-contact connectors


UL-1703 & California Energy Commission (CEC) Listed


IEC 61215 & 61730

ISO9001 Quality Managament System Standards & Durability

Free from defects in materials and workmanship for 10 years

10 years minimum 90% output

25 years minimum 80% output

  CEC listed and rated power 196.2 watt, please refer to this link


Manufacturer Name Module Model Number Description BIPV* PTC** Notes

Sunlan Solar SLM230P 230W Polycrystalline Module N 196.2


1. Residential 280KWH/month Solar Kit:

We can sell you a kit, get 20 X SLM-230P = 4,600 nominal and 3,924 CEC rated watts solar panels then get 5

Mini Inverter  

2. Direct Plug-in for Cabins, Boats and Mobile home in remote locations or Deserts

For most of your home appliances.  This grid compatible power supplies the room or rooms in that sub circuit through the wall sockets.

3. Grid-tied installation, you need to apply for permit 

Simply off-setting 625 KWH/month (assuming average 5.5 sun hours in CA) of your monthly bill.)

4. Cost Analysis: 

panel$3,910 + $1,449.99 = $5,359.99 total.  Deduct the 30% Federal Purchases on Renewable Energy Equipment Tax Credit = $3,751.99

Generates 625 KWH/Month, each KWH = $6.  e.g Edison's highest tier = $0.32/KWH, payback in 19 months(1 year + 7 months)

5. Other rebates and Incentives, please check 


1. Local Awning Vendors:

Some roofs has beautiful red tiles, and Firefighters needs to step on the roof to break hole for flames to come out during emergency.  We suggest to find a local awning company, they can build affordable metal structure for 

canvas awning and they sure can build one for solar panels.   Because they build it with pre-fab parts, the cost

may surprisingly cheaper than Unirac Solar Mount etc.. (Specially made only for solar, narrower market and cost is high)

2. Adjustable Seasonal Tilt:

Ask Vendors to build adjustable tiling structure.  

PV array should be tilted toward the sun's average elevation - equal to the latitude of the array's location

to capture the most year-round solar energy.   

Add 15 degree to the location's latitude for the Winter tilt angle 

And subtract 15 degree for the Summer Tilt.

e.g. For LA area latitude 34 degree.  

Tilt toward the South, Summers - 19 degrees, Spring/Autumn - 34 degree and Winter times - 49 degree.  

Make sure your awning can adjust it's angle at  every changes of seasons  - 

3/20 Spring Equinox   ==>34 degree

6/21 Summer solstice ==>19 degree

9/23 Fall Equinox       ==>34 degree

12/21 Winter Solstice ==>49 degree

You can change the tilt of your solar system.  And helps you to get 5~10% more power a year if you also

clean the panels at least once a month.  So it will not get dusty!

This design guidance is mostly for residential houses, We have optical scientist to help with your large solar system design, to decide best tilting and other for specific latitudes.   Some fee may apply. 

We have DIY Pre-Fab Galvanized Steel or Alumawood/Altra Lettice Patio or awning kit for sales with 3 seasonal tilts!  

Some idea about Passive Solar Design for your reference:


Return policy reminder: 

Quality is covered under manufacturer's 25 years warranty, but no other returns is acceptable.

Please consider carefully!



**Simple Concentration 2x to double amps/wattage:

Check out our Mylar Sheet or get a cheap mirror, reflect more light to the solar panel.

Please note the size of reflector could not be smaller in size, unless the entire panel

received uniformity of influx of light?  The lowest amps cell will be prevailing, however

if could have uniform light across the entire panel?  2x light will double the amps(but

voltage remained unchaged, the cheapest way to double your amps of each panels.

That is doubling of your total wattage output, 10 watts becomes 20 watts!

Our 90-95% reflectivity 4 Mil Mylar sheet 10 Ft roll = $19.99


Federal Incentives/Policies for Renewable & Efficiencies:

You may qualify to file incentives to pay off 30% of your Renewable Energy Equipment Purchase, see below

1. Personal income tax, for products "placed in service" in the same filing year,

e.g 2013 placed in service then file in 2013's 1040 form. 

Download IRS form 5695 and submit it with your 1040, the residential energy tax credit

(from form 5695) is claimed on line 52.



2. Corporate income tax. Download IRS form 3468



Shipping , Handling & Insurance:

1)Shipping in USA:

   Flat rate Freight shipping $550/Pallet.

2)Full Insurance is covered in the freight.     

3)Californian Residents please add 8% sales tax!

4)International order, please go to www.usps.com to check out your rate.

   Or email sales@symmetryco.com for shipping cost quote.

5)Purchase and start saving money and energy!


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