Solar 48VDC Inverter Split Style Air Conditioner/Heat Pump-Both Cooling+Heating


48VDC Inverter Technology Splut Style Air Conditioner/Heat Pump provides both Cooling and heating!


1. Solar Air Contioner – Mini Split Style 48VDC for connection to

1)Exsiting Solar System’s 48V battery bank

2)Connecting to a 48VDC MPPT Controller + 3 x 400W Solar Panels(12000BTU) – 4 for 18000BTU, 6 for 24000BTU

Please click the link to read the spec sheet:  DC48V specification
Please click the link to read the Instruction Manual:  Solar Aircon DC48V Installation And Operation Manual

2. Federal Sales Tax Credit for Qualified Solar Equipment purchase still can get 22%
of invoice price to write off your 2022 income tax.

This amount will drop to 10% by beginning of 2022
22% for 2021
10% after 2022

For now, you are paying 78% of the Solar Air Coniditioner and Uncle Sam helps to reduce
your tax burden by giving you a 22% Tax Credit. (But must be tax payers who are paying
taxes. If no income tax to pay then could not get any benefit!)

Download the #5695 tax credit form here:

During Day times, you get free energy to blow cooling air to your space.
At nights, machine can automatically be switched to battery storage or Grid Power, if any!

If you do not have budget for solar, install the Solar Air conditioner first and next month
adding the solar system or next year. When you have more budget to get the power system.

However Solar pays itself back in no time!  Considering half of your utility bill pays for Air Conditioners in Summers!

So you are not actually spending money, just the electric bill saving.  Already enough to pay for this Solar Air conditioner.

3. Refrigerant R410a – please ask your installer to vacuum the passage during installation.

4. Shipping:  Flat Rate Shipping $200 per Indoor/Outdoor Unit Pair – only to lower 48 states only!
We have 4 different coolers – are the same price at $19.99/pc

– please look for them at Craigslist or eBay Store


For online orders, We have 4 different coolers – please look for them at our online storeFor online orders, We have 4 different coolers – please look for them at our online store
1. Mini Cooler with 2 water tanks + LED Night Light

2. 5-in-1 Mini Cooler with Negative Ion Generator + LED Night Light

5 in 1 Mini Swamp Cooler Fan Ionizier Humidifier Fight Virus/Germs LED

3. Thermal Electric 7.5L Car Cooler/Heater

7.5 L Car Cooler 12VDC Cigarette Plug or battery Cold or Heat

4. 1 Tank Mini Cooler+LED Night Light

Mini Swamp Cooler, 1*350ml Build in water tank, Colorful LED night light

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Power Sources

9000btu, 12000btu, 18000btu, 24000btu


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