Freevolt Graphene/Mono Silicon Tandem Solar Panel, 35% More output!


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1. Freevolt Patented Graphene/Mono Silicon Tandem Solar Panels

Graphene New Technology, this new layer can absorb more solar energy.

And new wiring design, cut down the multiple bas bars that are taking too many space.

All these new feature had created great improvement in panel performace!

During testing, this panel can generate 35% more power than regular Silicon Panel.

Origin:  Poland, European Union
Dimension: 65″x39″x 1.37″ Weight: 46 lbs
Vmax: 31.24~34.1V
Voc: 37.57~41.0V
Imax: 9.62~9.83A
Isc: 10.26~10.49A

300W Mono Facial Solar Panels @$250

2.Spec Sheet:  FreeVolt 300W

***Concentration of Sun lights
If you had enough of space/land, you can add reflctor/mirror to increase the amp production
Overheating will not be a problem for mounting PV on top of a metal structure.
Air flow from beneath can cool the energized solar array!Maximum Concentation ratio for silicon panel is 3X sun light influx

Weight 46.3 lbs
Dimensions 67 × 40 × 2 in
Mono/Bi Facial

Mono Facial 320W, Bi Facial 400W


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