Kingtec 48VDC 18-24A Solar 16000 BTU MINI SPLIT Window AIR CONDITIONER


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We have 20 units of 16000btu Solar Air Contioner – Mini Split Style 

and 20 units of window style Solar Air Conditioners.  16,000BTU suitable for 350-500FT space!

Watch video for the older 10,000btu unit to see how to install all optional power supplies for Kingtec’s 9000 series
Also AC/220V 12000BTU Split Style Air Conditioners That can add Solar Mini Grid
For Solar Back, here is a Mini Grid+Battery

Solar Air Conditoner Plus Regid Solar System, total $2,000 minus the 30% Solar Tax Credit, balance is $1,400
While a Grid Power unit, Unit plus installation, the total $1,250
The difference is only $150 but then you can enjoy free day time cooling from the sun


1. Federal Sales Tax Credit for Qualified Solar Equipment purchase still can get 30%
of invoice price to write off your 2019 income tax.

This amount will drop to
26% for 2020
22% for 2021
10% after 2022

For now, you are paying 70% of the Solar Air Coniditioner and Uncle Sam helps to reduce
your tax burden by giving you a 30% Tax Credit. (But must be tax payers who are paying
taxes. If no income tax to pay then could not get any benefit!)

Download the #5695 tax credit form here:

During Day times, you get free energy to blow cooling air to your space.
At nights, machine can automatically be switched to grid power or battery storage.


If you do not have budget for solar, install the Solar Air conditioner first and next month
adding the solar system or next year. When you have more budget to get the power system.

However Solar pays itself back in no time! So you are not actually spending money, just the
electric bill saved? Already enough to pay for this Solar Air conditioner.

Our installation labor charge is only $200 per unit, For Flexible Solar panels – we suspend the light weight panels on the wall or using the stand in picture. Only need is wiring, so no extra cost if you purchased the flexible solar system solution.

2. For rigid Solar System, will need to know your roof orientation to design. Quote per job.
Not only for solar air condition, it can be expanded in future to supply power for your entire
house or your electric cars.
We use extreme weather over 113F to design solar system, total 1680W! Even super heat wave – when grid even went down? You can still have your cooling to sustain human lives! Price included 6 x 280W solar panels + Mounting Brackets+Installation(low roof or RV+Caravan).

Under regular temperature under 25-30C(<80F), 18A x48W = 864W
35C(95F) = 22Ax48V = 1056W
40C like Arizona in Summer(104F) = 24Ax48V = 1152W
3. Refrigerant 134A/1.43lbs – please ask your installer to add during installation.


4. To tie with grid power, will need to add a power supply switch
1) Meanwell SE-1500-48 for $250 or


2) Meanwell RP-1500-48 for $300
Customers can purchase your own power switch, this is optional
Price for other brand from internet as low as $91/units
Shipping only to lower 48 states only!
We have 3 different coolers – are the same price at $24.95/pc

– please look for them at Craigslist or eBay Store


1. 7.5L Car Cooler/Heater

2. 5-in-1 Mini Cooler with Negative Ion Generator + LED lighting
Negative Ion clean air near your personal area to eleminate Virus or dirty particles and help you to fight the pandemic!
3. Mini Cooler with 2 water tanks + LED lighting
1. 16000BTU – 48VDC Split Style Solar Air Conditioners
2. 16000BTU – 48VDC Window Style Solar Air Conditioners
3. 12000BTU – 220VAC Split Style Air Conditioners
***Also consider this Reflective Curtain can block heat in Summer, lower by 6F(3C) degree
(Winter can keep the room warm by blocking cold drifts from outside the room)
BTU Cooling Rating

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