Mini Swamp Cooler, 2*350ml Break out water tanks, last 8 hours


Mini Swarp Cooler, twin water thanks can last 8 hours cooling

Also a night light with 7 LED Color changing for your amusement.

According to Color Psychlogist, Green light is the best for human.

Can reduce your Micraine Heacdache!   Try it for yourself!

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Portable Mini Swamp Cooler/Air refreshner/Humifier in White Color

2 detachable 350ml(12oz) water bottles.
Which can be placed in fridge to icy colr before applying, will then have icy cool wind blowing out of the mini fan. Powered by USB, plus in micro USB to your computer, smart phone charger or a power bank. The device only needs 5W, entire day is less than 0.12KWH which is less than 4 cents, penny price to enjoy cool blowing wind. The wet wind provided by the dual water tanks can also clear the air in the room, more enjoyable.

You could even adding frangrance/floral petals into the water tank? The small fan can spread sweet aroma for you

3-speed fan control:
Weak, Mild and Strong

9 step lighting control:
Press 1 for Blue LED
2 for Orange LED
3 for White LED
4 for Green LED (Psychologist study found Green is the most agreeable color for human comfort)
5 for Red LED
6 for Aqua LED
7 for Purple LED
8 for 7 Colors auto rotating
9 Stop
Great for coffee shop to place one on each tables for guest to enjoy dim lighting with cooling wind!

Instructional Manual in English, Deutsche, Italian, Franch and Spanish language

7″ x7″x7″(16cmx16cmx16cm)
Product 0.8 kgs(1.76lbs), package 1 kgs(2.2 lbs)
Capacity: Water tanks up to 8 hours wet cooling
Cooling Area: 2 Square Meters(22 SF)

1. Mini Swamp coolor
2. USB power cord
3. Instruction manual

Power Supply:
1. Power Adaptor: AC110-240V 50/60Hz 0.3A Max, output 5V, 1-2A max
2. Computer/power bank power output: 5V, 1-2A max

We have 3 different coolers – please look for them at Craigslist or eBay Store
1. Mini Cooler with 2 water tanks

2. 5-in-1 Mini Cooler with Negative Ion Generator

3. 7.5L Car Cooler/Heater

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in


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