10KWH Solar All-In-One Lithium Power Bank for 5000W Solar Panels


Solar All-In-One Inverter/MPPT Controller/Lithium power bank!

Total solution, just plug in Solar Array and you will have your 10KWH mini grid power on a suitcase, sit on a push cart!!!

This is an All-In-One 10KWH Lithium Battery Bank, nickname Your Mini Grid!

System included split phase Inverter, MPPT Charge Controller, 200A Battery Isolator, All AC/DC Switches are build in and prewired.  4-1 PV Combiner box wqith 16A Fuses.  Anti Reverse Doides, Lightning Proof Nema 3 Enclosure.

Just Plug in the Solar Array!  Everything is pre-installed in the factory floor by professional.

The new owner will get a plug-n-play wonder box!

Limited to Custom order, due to the fact Lithium battery could not sit idled for too long!  Delivery in 30ish days

Input power sources:  5000W Solar, Wind Generator, Battery Bank, Grid Power when needed

In day times, use all the power generated and store left over in the 10KWH battery bank for night time usage!

Ouput power:

  1. AC power : 110V, 220V
  2. DC Power: 5V/1A, 5V/2A, 5V/3A
  3. DC Power: 12/24/48V

Inverter Capacity: 5000W

Available Solar Panels:

1. TaleSun Mono Facial 320W
Dimension: 66″x40″x 1.38″ Weight: 46 lbs
Vmax: 33.5V
Voc: 4.01V
Imax: 9.56A
Isc: 10.16A
4K unit to convert 12 pieces of 320W Mono Facial Solar Panels to 110V/230V Selectable
320W at @$200 X 12 panels = $2,400

$750 + $2,400 = $3,150

Price excluded battery cost.

2. TaleSun BiFacial 400W Solar Thin Glass Panels

We normally build Solar Carport, Patio , Trellis or Awning

Or can build a green house, sunroom. There is a solar glass that you can use as building material.

If you had lands for this kind of stand alone metal structures? Then we will recommend Talesun Bifacial Solar Panels that can absorb reflective sun light from beneath.

They are ultra thin, laminated in 2 top/bottom tempered glass.
So your stand alone metal structure with PV glasses as roof
It can receive sunlight from above and then reflected sunlight from below. Double exposure!

The bifacial solar panels is 400W big panel at @$300, 10 panesl total $3,000

Plus the tribrid inverter, the total is $3,750

Dimension: 80″x40″x 0.24″ Weight: 65 lbs
Vmax: 40.8V
Voc: 48.9V
Imax: 9.81A
Isc: 10.33A

***Concentration of Sun lights
If you had enough of space/land, you can add reflctor/mirror to increase the amp production
Overheating will not be a problem for mounting PV on top of a metal structure.
Air flow from beneath can cool the energized solar array!

Maximum Concentation ratio for silicon panel is 3X sun light influx

3. Freevolt Graphene Solar Panels 300W

The tandem solar panel has a top Graphene layer and a regular silicon layer, thin film technology plus conventional silicon. Double layers can increase the energy harvesting by 35%, in actual production. This 300W may give you 350W’s ampage output!

$270 x 13 panels = $3,510
Plus inverter $750 + $3,510= $4,260

Dimension: 65″x40″x 1.37″ Weight: 46 lbs
Vmax: 34.1V
Voc: 41.0V
Imax: 9.83A
Isc: 10.49A


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