Affordable Solar Products:
Thin Film Panel Solar Silicon Panel MPPT Controller Lithium BMS Box
Solar Hot Water Solar Oven Solar Light Solar Box EV

Every day energy enough for the world's energy needs reaches the earth from the


*120,000 Kilowatts of Solar Electricity
=113,000 Pounds of Coal
=1,112,000 Cuft of Natural Gas
=15,000 to 20,000 Gallons of Gasoline! 

And it's free!, It's clean and it's peaceful!

Housing and Business Solar!
Solar Glass House & Green House:  Solar Trellis Solar CPV

1)Solar Container - US Duplex 2) Passive Solar  3)Solar Cooler

    Energy Efficiency Products!

1.Energy Efficient  Appliances! 2.Energy Efficient  Applications! 3.Bamboo - Natural products! 4.Algal Bioreactor
5.Electric Vehicles 6.AC Meter! 7.ClipCrate Reusable Crates!  8.No Mow Lawn


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