GE-902:  Go! Electric! Neon Color Safety Helmet for Electric Scooters, Bicycles or outdoor Events!


Adjustable Concave Face Shield

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GE-902:  Go! Electric! Safety Helmet!

Hardest Material, two small ventilation holes on the front to keep inside cool, Adjustable Face Shield tinted to block UV ray(like a sun glass) and flying ashes/objects while riding!!!  Good choice for riders for bicycles or scooters!  It can also be used at special events as a safety measure and easy to spot Identification!

2023 New Neon Yellow color Safety Helmet
 – it glows in the dark! For riders who travel at nights, this is a good protection!
     Other vehicles can spot you from afar!


SM-902 Neon Yellow Helmet Front View

Adjustable Concave Face Shield Layers of Safety Helmet  Interior Structure of Safety H


3 Colors available: Neon Yellow, Lavender, Pink

SM-902 Neon Yellow Helmet - side view   Aqua Helmet Pink Helmet

These Safety Helmets bundle with our Electric Scooters belows or other scooters!


GE-202:  Go! Electric! 500W A Series Electric Scooters!

Battery operated or foot pedals operated(Human Power)

LeadAcid Battery or Lithium Battery pack can be charged by Grid or Solar Power

GE-202 Yellow

GE-204:  Go! Electric! 350W B Series Electric Scooters!

GE-204 Midnight Blue


Option 1 – Lead Acid Battery Pack

$99.99 for 48V/12Ah – Range about 18 miles, regular price $149.99

$149.99 for 48V/20Ah – Range about 30 miles, regular price $199.99

Option 2 – Safety Helmet – $29.99

Option 3: 48V Electric Scooter Charger

Shipment: Local Pick up only


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Neon Yellow, Lavender, Pink


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