100% Rockwool – Hydroponic Growing 6″ Cubic Block – 64 cubes in a box


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64 blocks in a carton for Hydroponic Farming  100% Natural Rock wool, 6″ Cubic Growing block or foundation, about $2.34 each block
***Cannot break up the box to sell less than a full box!!!

**Product Description: Plant Growing “Soil substitute” in Hydroponics!
Hydroponic Substrate 6” Rockwool Cube- Growing Block -**

The Rockwool growing substrate is tailored for greenhouse farming and finds versatility in various cultivation practices such as flower and herbal cultivation, three-dimensional greening, planted walls, and home gardening.  Any nurseries who can buy up to 200 cartons, we can add your logo on the blocks.  To promote your business!

RockWool Planter




1. **Efficient Root Development:** Rockwool cubes facilitate the seamless germination of seeds and growth of cuttings, ensuring uniform root development throughout. They seamlessly integrate into standard Rockwool blocks and are compatible with water clay, perlite, cocoa fiber mixes, and most growing media.

2. **Mineral Composition:** Derived from molten basalt and limestone rocks, Rockwool is crafted into fibers and compressed into cubes, blocks, or slabs, providing a stable and nutrient-rich foundation for plant growth.

3. **Precautionary Measures:** Handle with care by wearing gloves and a mask to avoid skin irritation and respiratory issues associated with Rockwool fibers. Avoid squeezing when wet and pretreat in pH 5.5 water to dissolve lime before use.

4. **Optimal Growing Conditions:** Maintain a temperature range of 18.5-28 degrees Celsius for optimal growth. Avoid temperatures exceeding 26.7 degrees Celsius within the growing medium to prevent root spoils due to reduced oxygen levels.

5. **Watering Guidelines:** Only water in light conditions, avoiding over watering to prevent root suffocation and algae formation. Adjust watering frequency based on light availability and plant age to promote healthy root systems.


**Additional Features:**


1. **Superior Water Retention:** With a high water retention capacity and sufficient air circulation, Rockwool provides resilience during power or equipment failures, ensuring consistent moisture levels for plant growth.

2. **Versatile Sizes and Shapes:** Available in various sizes and shapes, Rockwool accommodates diverse hydroponic applications, catering to the specific needs of different cultivation setups.

3. **Durability:** Rockwool exhibits exceptional durability, maintaining structural integrity over time without easily decomposing or disintegrating, ensuring prolonged support for plant growth.

4. **Insect-Free:** The inert nature of Rockwool ensures a pest-free environment, safeguarding plants from insect infestations that could jeopardize their health and growth.

5. **Root Inspection:** While Rockwool’s physical structure hinders direct root inspection, its consistent performance and stability alleviate the need for frequent root examinations, providing peace of mind to growers.

Enhance your cultivation endeavors with the reliable and versatile Rockwool growing substrate, designed to nurture healthy and thriving plants in various growing environments.

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100% Rockwool – Hydroponic Growing 6″ Cubic Block – 64 cubes in a box

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 23 in


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