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PF-206 280SF Modern Expandable Studio house, only $90~120/SF with optional Solar System


Studio Kitchen





Great News!!!

If You are interested in a Solar Container Home?
Here is the Modern  Expandable Container house for Single Family, Cabin, Office.

Studio-Side View

Here are pictures of actual Installation in Australia:




Unlike the used Shipping Containers, these are brand new products.

The Bamboo-PIR-Metal Sandwiched Panel  has good insulation. 

Bamboo Interior Wall

Insulated the entire Expandable container  for better Weather/Earthquake protection. 

Bamboo+PIR+Metal Sandwiched Panel

Aluminum Alloy Framing offers a strong structure!

Exterior Metal Plate+Aluminum Alloy Structure

Double Pane Windows and optional Spiral Foundation. 

Here is the General Spec Sheet

Studio Spec Sheet

The reason this type of Expandable Mini House is $90/SF higher than the $45/SF metal house?

  1. Interior walls made of Bamboo/Wood Composite panel, not Metal, not Gypsum Drywall.  Green and no Toxic gas.
  2. Insulation is 4″ thick PIR not 2″ thick Rock wool Insulation.   Higher R Value, Better Insulation and can Better Saving Energy Cost to keep the house Cool or Warm.

Basic Features;

Studio Basic

Optional Features:

Studio Option

According to AirBNB – Solar Container Houses are popular Vocational rentals. They racked in more than $20K per container each year for the owners. If you know how to operate AirBNB and the container pays itself back very fast!

PF-206 : Basic Studio 280 SF Expandable House:

280SF Studio

PF-206 Dimension:

UnFolded  14′ x 20′ x 9′, total 280 SF, Weight: 7800 lbs(3.9 tons)


1 living room

1 Bath Room(Shower, Toilet, Sink, Towel Rack, Mirror pre-installed)

1 Kitchenette(Cabinets included but need to be installed after expansion at the job site)

1 Bedrooms

Prices & Features

1) ADU Permit

Expandable Container House 280SF Price is $33,600, about $120/SF(With drawings/certificates for Structural Engineering and permit approval process)!

2) As it is Unit:

If it’s just for add-on to existing farmland or adding wheels as a mobile unit, basic unit price is $25,200, about $90/SF
3) Delivery in LA county, within 20 miles radius by flat bed truck will be $500
Further away, will need your zip code to check cost
4) Sep up by our crew: $900 per unit
5) Concrete slab underneath: $3000 for ” 22 x 16″
6) Footing on dirt: Home depot concrete footing $400

7) Insulation:
Insulated with Bamboo-PIR-Metal Sheet Sandwiched Panels

8) Rental Properties- multiple rooms
Can change the layouts for rental properties, 2 bedrooms but minimizing the common area e.g. living room.

9)  Interior Furniture/Appliances is not included

Studio Kitchen


Studio Bathroom

Studio Living Room

Studio Layout


Order Options:
1.Interior Decorative Options:
    Kitchenette Cabinet, Bedroom Closets – can choose White or Wood tone color
    White Closets 428SF-Wood Closet
2.Exterior Decorative Options:

Available Cladding 

Exterior Cladding 

3. Electrical Options:


Inside of the Container, you can have the Electrical and LED Lighting Sockets

  1)Electrical System – Wiring/Sockets, Power Panel & LED lighting        

  2) Solar Ceiling Light – $60 each



4. Lockable Wheels Options:


1) Watch this video to get some idea to make money by joining airb&b

2) add the chassis + Wheels
chassis+wheels chassis+4 wheels+4 legs
Here is a video showing how the chassis can be deployed…
3) And the Hitch
4) Adding Wood/PE Composite Decking at the front, maybe cover the front but the chassis is visible from the
other sides
Outdoor Decking
5.  Painting Options:
You can ask to paint in chosen colors or adding your company’s logo. 
e.g. Pick a Pantone Color from https://www.pantone-colours.com/
6. Solar System Options:
Additional Solar panels/Lithium Bank, Solar Air Conditioners, Solar Outdoor Security Lights etc.  Please check for pricing!  For glass panel folding container.  The ceiling can be replaced with Bifacial Solar glass panels.  To supply power for the unit.  But the installer must make sure insulation when they install the solar glass panels.   Or we have flat or tilted roof installation parts to place solar panels on top of container.
  Bifacial Panel
7. Certification for Loan or Insurance
1) Structural engineer certified
For anything that has not been certified for the state of California the city building department would recommend hiring a Structural Engineer licensed in California to do any analysis which require calculations. The design criteria here is as follows: Wind exposure C, Climate zone 10, Wind Speed 110 MPH, Seismic Zone IV.
2) Mobile Home should be getting approval from this agency

Building Standards

HCD protects the health and safety of Californians by enforcing standards for housing construction, maintenance of farmworker housing and manufactured/factory-built homes.

3)This is a 2021 article if you need to get certification of your tiny home.  Find any newer update reports if you could  on your own!
   RVIA or NOAH:  Certifying your RV park Tiny Home
   May still need to hire a RVIA or NOAH inspector to inspect your mobile homes and get it certified!
   With the certification, your local government should have peace of mind that your tiny house is safe for dwelling.
     ****If your land is not in an RV park, please discuss the guidelines with 1) Agency to find inspector to verify if the mobile unit can meet the following standard!

8. Federal Income Tax 30% Credit for Residential Solar System & Equipment:

In the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the tax credit will begin at 30% and step down to 26% in 2033 and 22% in 2034.

==>Download form from this link and give to your accountant

2022~2032: 30%
2033: 26%

2034: 22%

New Features:

  1. Included Storage Investment, either combine with solar or separately
  2. Tax Credit Deduction can be extended to Next year if the first year tax amount is lower than credit.
9. Lithium Battery All in One Power bank to Back Up Solar Panels
Newest Products SM-704 Stackable Lithium Power Bank. 
Top level is the control module $3,000 – included MPPT Controller, 110VAC Inverter and BMS((Battery Management System)
Great For Amateur Solar Enthusiasts.  Just plug in the Solar panels to have “Worry Free” Power Supply and Storage. 
Additional Modules 0f Lithium Power bank stackable.  Each additional  5KWH is $3,000!   
5KWH plus Control module $6,000
10KWH plus Control Module $9,000
15KWH plus Control Module $12,000
20KWH plus Control Module $15,000
Lithium Battery could not be made and stored in storage.  All orders  ship with the folding container or separate orders will have to be prepaid and custom made!   
Maximum parallel connection is 20KWH!

SM-704 Stackable Lithium Power Banks

10.Electric Incinerating Toilet, No Septic Tank, Back Up by Solar Panels
This type of miniature furnace type toilet had been around for 65 years, good for areas that do not
have sewage system or septic tank service.
All the wastes will be burned into ashes, a quickest way to compost and can be used as fertilizer or disposed of!
600 degrees can burn pathogens and pollutants, a good hygienic way to treat wastes in a remote area.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Container Dimension

280 SF Modern Expandable Studio House, 280SF Modern Expandable Studio House+Drawings+Engineering Certificates


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