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SM-634 Solar Silver Color Curtain +Hooks Summer Cooling – Lower 6 Farenheit



Velcro Curtain

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Solar Silver Fabric Curtain


In Summers, blocking Sun’s heat to lower the indoor temperature by 6F(3C)

In Colder days, the Reflective Curtain can keep the indoor warm not to escape.

This is a cheap insulation for RV, Trailers or older houses that insulation was not that great!!


1. SM-634-Grommet
 Panel with 6 Grommets Size is 87″(7.25ft) by 55″(4.5 ft)
Color: Mute Silver

– 6 of the metal Clasp Rings

    Panel with 3/4″ Velcro Tape Size is 72″(6ft) by 55″ (4.5″)
    Color:  Mute Silver!


-Velcro Tape to the walls or any surfaces

-Decorative Tassel

3. Installation:

You can find a curtain rod or Tape the Velcro Tape for handing on the walls/windows where you needed

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 2 in
Installation Method

SM-634-Grommets, SM-634-Velcros


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