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SM-652 Solar 48VDC Inverter Split Style Air Conditioner/Heat Pump-Both Cooling+Heating


SM-652 48V Solar AC Diagram

We are now adding an optional HAWT Wind Generation to our Solar Air Conditioner, day time use Solar and Wind, night time can use Wind and Lithium or Sodium Battery. According to study Solar Peaks at Noon time and miraculously Wind Peak at the off solar peak hours. So they are buddy buddy complimentary to supply constant power. With a Li-ion or Na-Ion battery pack to make sure non stop power supply is another option! Please note price is only for the air conditioner’s indoor and outdoor unit. Power system please discuss with the seller.

1. SM-652 Solar Air Contioner – Mini Split Style 48VDC for connection to

1)Existing Solar System’s 48V battery bank

2)Connecting to a 48VDC MPPT Controller + 3 x 455W Solar Panels(9000/12000BTU) – 4 for 18000BTU

Or a Wind/Solar 2000W Hybrid MPPT Controller + Solar Panels & 1500W Vertical Axial Wind Turbine

3) Please click the link to read the spec sheet:  DC48V specification

4) Please click the link to read the Instruction Manual:  Solar Aircon DC48V Installation And Operation Manual

SM-652 48V Solar AC Diagram


Capacity        Solar Panels              ODU Dimension     Weight             IDU Dimension    Weight


9000 BTU     1200W                    36″x 25″ x 16″            71 lbs                36″x 11″x 14″            28 lbs

12000 BTU     1200W                    36″x 25″ x 16″           79 lbs               36″x 11″x 14″            28 lbs

18000 BTU     1600W                    36″x 25″ x 16″           92 lbs              45″x 12″x 15″            38 lbs


The unit comes with a 10 ft Lineset but we have SM-650-10 & SM-650-17 extension lineset for sales,

so buyers can extend the distance from 10ft to 10ft+10ft = 20ft or 10ft+17ft = 27ft etc.

Additional SM-650-10: (1/4″x0.7 + 3/8″ x 0.7) x 10 ft Extension Lineset $59.99

SM-650-10 (6.35x0.7+9.52x0.7)x10 ft Lineset (1)
and SM-650-17:(1/4″ x 0.7 + 3/8″ x 0.7) x 16.5 ft Extension Lineset $89.99

SM-650-17(6.35x0.7+9.52x0.7)x16.5 ft Lineset (1)


New law required manufacturers preloaded the coolant, so buyers only needed to vacuum the passage in between indoor and outdoor units.

2.Federal Income Tax 30% Credit for Residential Solar System & Equipment:

In the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the tax credit will begin at 30% and step down to 26% in 2033 and 22% in 2034.

==>Download form from this link and give to your accountant

2022~2032: 30%
2033: 26%

2034: 22%

New Features:

  1. Included Storage Investment, either combine with solar or separately
  2. Tax Credit Deduction can be extended to Next year if the first year tax amount is lower than credit.

During Day times, you get free energy to blow cooling air to your space.
At nights, machine can automatically be switched to battery storage or Grid Power, if any!

If you do not have budget for solar, install the Solar Air conditioner first and next month
adding the solar system or next year. When you have more budget to get the power system.

However Solar pays itself back in no time!  Considering half of your utility bill pays for Air Conditioners in Summers!

So you are not actually spending money, just the electric bill saving.  Already enough to pay for this Solar Air conditioner.

3. Refrigerant R32 – please ask your installer to vacuum the passage during installation.

4. Shipping:  Flat Rate Shipping $200 per Indoor/Outdoor Unit Pair – only to lower 48 states only!

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Solar Panels Accessories:

1. MPPT & PWM Solar Charge Controllers


2. SM-750/752/754
    1) SM-750 :  If you need 10AWG MC4 Compatible Extension Cords, please visit our store
       2) SM-752/754 Adaptor Cord/Pair
3. SM-760-7 RV ABS Drill free Mounting Kit – large 7 pieces
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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
HVAC Capacity

9000btu, 12000btu, 18000btu, SM-650-10: (1/4″x0.7 + 3/8″ x 0.7) x 10 ft Extension Lineset, SM-650-17: (1/4″x0.7 + 3/8″ x 0.7) x 16.5 ft Extension Lineset


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