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Converted Electric Pickup Mazda 1986 B2000 in Good condition


Converted Electric Pickup for sales!  Mazda B2000 1986 had been converted to 110V Motor – local pickup only!

This Red Mazda B2000 pick up had been converted to Electric, See DMV smog check. Fuel Type is “Electric”. In good condition. Price as listed or send your best offer!  Gasoline is so expensive, new electric pick up will cost $50K, so this is an alternative in transition.  Reportedly can drive up to 200-300 miles.  Never road tested yet.

Buff up red paint almost intact. Car is in good shape!
14 car battery pack plus a 12V battery to supply power.

Need to find a right owner to spend sometime to make it your good buddy!

25ft charging cord, New Rear View Mirror, New Rain Brushes are adding to the pickup
Also a Dual Front and Back recording dash camera with back camera displayed on screen when
driver changed to reverse gear, have a good view on the back side of the car – back up or parking assistance!

The car sells for $9,999
5 speed, A Mountable Camper is about $500 to be added by new rower.

Extend any EV’s range with a Lithium Battery bank.
Under the flat bed, battery tray had 12 Car batteries and 2 more under the front hood
In future, buyer can consider to replace them with the new Lithium Car Battery. See pictures attached

Clean Title, just add insurance and ready to drive away!

To check out the car, please visit Authorized Dealer for purchase!


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