GE-204:  Go! Electric! 350W Electric Scooters!


GE-204 x 4



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GE-204:  Go! Electric! 350W B Series Electric Scooters!

Battery operated or foot pedals operated(Human Power)

LeadAcid Battery or Lithium Battery pack can be charged by Grid or Solar Power

Scooters price without battery pack, you can buy our Lead Acid Battery pack below or get your own Lithium Battery pack!

Option 1 – Lead Acid Battery Pack

$99.99 for 48V/12Ah – Range about 18 miles, regular price $149.99

$149.99 for 48V/20Ah – Range about 30 miles, regular price $199.99

GE-004:  Go! Electric! 12V x 4 =48V Lead Acid Battery Pack for Electric Scooters

Option 2 – Safety Helmet – $29.99

GE-002:  Go! Electric! Safety Helmet!

Option 3: 48V Electric Scooter Charger

Shipment: Local Pick up only

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Red, Blue, Green, White


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