20Ft Folding Container, Door+Windows – with optional Solar System


20Ft Container Cabin which is Foldable and easy to be transported and installed.

Can be painted in any colors or print your company’s logo.



Great News!!!

If You are interested in a Solar Container Home?
Here is the standard  Bedroom, Cabin, Office or Storage Room from China.

Unlike used Shipping Container, these are brand new product.

The 2″ Thick Rock Wool in between 2 sheets of Metal sheets The  Sandwiched panels form the walls, ceiling and the floor.

Insulated the entire Folding container like a box home!  For better Weather/Earthquake protection. 

According to AirBNB – Solar Container Houses are popular Vocational rentals. They racked in more than $20K per container each year for the owners. If you know how to operate AirBNB and the container pays itself back very fast!

Folding Container Specifications:
1. Under 10 units
    Will have to use available 19 ft(5.8 meter) Sandwiched panels, more than 100 units in stock
    Folding Container size: Length 19 ft(5.8 meters) x Height 8.2 ft (2.5 meter) x Width 8.2 ft(2.5 meter), about 156 SF
Weight: 2,645 lbs
Click Here to download Spec Sheet for 19 ft long Folding Container
2. Order 10 units
    Can use Custom Cut Sandwiched Panels at 20 ft(5.95 meter) or 21 ft(6.5 meter)
    Folding Container size: Length 20 ft(5.95 meter) x Height 8.2 ft (2.5 meter) x Width 8.2 ft(2.5 meter), about 160 SF.  Or Length 21 ft(6.50 meter), about 172 SF
Weight: 2,866 lbs
Click Here to download Spec Sheet for 19.5(20) ft long Folding Container
All Available Options:
1. Sandwiched Panels – Surface Indentation Pattern options:
    Choose From 1) Flat 2) Vertical Stripes 3) Horizontal Stripes
    20-ft-Folding-Container-Installed    Vertical Stripe Sandwiched Panels
    The interior space calculation, Minus the insulation 2″ thick wall
Interior space dimension:
    Length 19 ft(5.79 meters) x Height 7.7 ft (2.34 meter) x Width 7.7 ft(2.34 meter),
    about 146 SF
2. Door & Windows Options:
1) Styles
Basic Unit comes With Theft proof Iron Door and  Windows!
Buyers can pick Swing or Sliding Doors. 
Sliding windows – with or without the Burglar Bars
2) Placement
Basic Unit with a door+window on the shorter side and a window on the back.
Can move the Door & Windows to the Longer Side 
     20ft x 3


3.Exterior Decorative Veneer Options:


Buyers can add fireproof siding in all possible colors – Or Faux Wall Veneer Sticker – there are swatch books for selection

Or using Faux Stone Wall panels


4. Glass Panels or Glass Sliding Door Options:


 – Can also use Glass Panels for the walls, Sliding Doors or even the ceiling

    The Frame for Glass Panels/Doors will be cut at the factory, buyers will have to buy and install the glasses locally!

Glass sliding doors Bedroom


5. Electrical Options:


Inside of the Container, you can have the Electrical and LED Lighting Sockets

  1. Electrical System – Wiring/Outlet & LED lighting for $200, Special discount now at $100 in promotional period


  2) Solar Ceiling Light – $60 each

        SM-242 Ceiling Light KitSolar Ceiling Light


6. Bathroom Module Options:


Prefab bathroom module is ready for purchase with the container, coming in boxes besides the folding container.

Dimension: Length 6.2 Ft (1.9 m) x Width 3.9 ft(1.2m) x Height 7.4 ft(2.25m) = 24.18 SF
All the plumbing/Draining pipes are ready under the container for a local plumber to install at the site

Can be installed inside the folding container or buy a 2nd container and used it devotedly as Bathroom/Kitchen unit.

The Module comes in 6 packages, total 71 CBFT (2 CBM)

1)Please check the pictures of 2 containers joined together, buyers can have any combinations

2) If no budget for a 2nd container, the bathroom module can be built inside the Bedroom Container. Taking only about

    17% of the total Interior space. (24.18SF/146SF = 17%)

Type A – Clear Plastic Panels – $2,500 each  Type B – Frosted Glass Panel Bathroom – $3,500 each



You can watch a video on how to install and how it looks like to have this bathroom inside a folding container.
But the bathroom we are selling – the shower is separated by a shower curtain(Plastic unit) or a glass door(Glass unit)


7. Lockable Wheels Options:


Adding wheels to the folding container, make it mobile when necessary!! 

$100 for the additional large size wheels

Look at the wheels, buyers can push to a desired location for installation


And a Video showing how easy for the push!   


8. Decorative Parapet Options:


– Decorative Panels make the box container look likes having a gable roof, more like a real house!!  Cost is $300 per folding container for Parapet or Rain Tentage!



9. Combo Options:


Folding Containers can be in many kinds of combinations.  Even stack them up!

Designer’s drawing – ground floor as carport and stacking folding Containers upstairs as Bedroom or Storage room.


Small Dwelling Units:

2x20 Front

2x20 Side



Stacking them up, could be a very affordable Motel or Student Dormitory!!

10.  Painting Options:
You can ask to paint in chosen colors or adding your company’s logo. 
e.g. Pick a Pantone Color from
11. Solar System Options:
Additional Solar panels/Lithium Bank, Solar Air Conditioners, Solar Outdoor Security Lights etc.  Please check for pricing!  For glass panel folding container.  The ceiling can be replaced with Bifacial Solar glass panels.  To supply power for the unit.  But the installer must make sure insulation when they install the solar glass panels.   Or we have flat or tilted roof installation parts to place solar panels on top of container.
  Bifacial Panel

Federal Income Tax 26% Credit for Residential Solar System & Equipment:

In December 2020, Congress passed an extension of the ITC, which provides a 26% tax credit for systems installed in 2020-2022, and 22% for systems installed in 2023. (Systems installed before December 31, 2019 were eligible for a 30% tax credit.) The tax credit expires starting in 2024 unless Congress renews it.

==>Download form from this link and give it to your accountant.   The homeowners self pay amount is 74%

2020-2022: 26%
2023: 22%

2024: 0%

12. Lithium Battery All in One Power bank to Back Up Solar Panels
Newest Products SM-704 Stackable Lithium Power Bank. 
Top level is the control module $3,000 – included MPPT Controller, 110VAC Inverter and BMS((Battery Management System)
Great For Amateru Solar Enthusiasts.  Just plug in the Solar panels to have “Worry Free” Power Supply and Storage. 
Additional Modules 0f Lithium Power bank stackable.  Each additional  5KWH is $3,000!   
5KWH plus Control module $6,000
10KWH plus Control Module $9,000
15KWH plus Control Module $12,000
20KWH plus Control Module $15,000
Lithium Battery could not be made and stored in storage.  All orders  ship with the folding container or separate orders will have to be prepaid and custom made!   
Maximum parallel connection is 20KWH!

SM-704 Stackable Lithium Power Banks

13. Reminders
Bathroom/Toilet pictures for reference only.  It maybe cheaper to buy locally to save extra shipping cost.  Buyers and Designers also can decide the orientation of doors and windows, or the quantity.  For Glass greenhouse designs, glasses will not be included!

14. Order On Line
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Container Body and Parts

20ft Folding Container, Bathroom Module, Electric Component

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  1. Josh Hochstein

    The ordinary shipping container can travel thousands of miles all over the Earth, during their lifespan. Provided that the owner of the shipping container maintains them well, then there is no reason that it cannot last for well over a decade. We tend to live in a disposable society, however, so quite often people will discard things and buy new ones to replace them. We see exactly the same thing with the ordinary shipping container, and there are lots of second-hand shipping containers for sale. This means is that there are plenty of shipping containers for sale, which may be recycled and used for different purposes, like building homes from them. By recycling them in this way, we could build environmentally friendly homes that look excellent and are functional, while also being unique. Should you need to buy one for home use, you’re saving on hauling shipping containers into other areas. Your shipping container now becomes a permanent fixture. Read more {|||||

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    1. Used containers can be rebuilt as solar containers, we have some listing of converted Container home/office/warehouse! They will have to add insulation wall panels.

    2. While this 20ft Folding container had pre-installed Steel Wool insulated wall /floor/ceiling panels. They are devoted for drelling/office porpose!

    All our container homes are made in China, here is an US made folding container home.

    3. A Prefabricated Folding mini Studio box, made in Las Vegas, USA
    With Modern Interior, please visit

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