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LD-502 6″ or 4″ in Diameter Can Retrofit LED Down light


LD-502: LED Retrofit Can Downlight, 6″ or 4″ in Diameter, 5CCT Color Temperature Selectable



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LD-502 Retrofit Can Ceiling Light, 6″ or 4″ in Diameter.   Easy installation and color temperature selectable and also dimmable by adding a switch control (see LD-306 & LD-356)

1. LD-502-6-5CCT:  

    Selectable Kelvin Color Temperature: 2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

    Can replace traditional 6″ can light easily and save 50% of electricity.

LD-502-6-5CCT Retro Can light

2. LD-502-4-5CCT + Optional Night Light:

   Selectable Kelvin Color Temperature: 2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

Optional Night Light: Color Temperature 2000 Kelvin, Amber Color

   Can replace traditional 4″ can light and save 50% of electricity

LD-502-4-5CCT-Main+Night Light



So business owners is not “Spending” money to replace the old energy sucking lights. But to invest and gain

Payback and reward in about 5-6 months! The LED Lighting can pay for itself and after recover the initial expenses? It helps you save power bill, months after months and years after years!

Great for Offices, Classrooms, Meeting Rooms. Supermarkets and plant growing Green house
(The 6000K LED Lighting Imitates Noon Time Sun Light, so the plants will think it’s still day time.
So they will continue the process to grow even at dark hours.)

According to study, using 6000K lighting. Workers will not feel sleepy as the bright light can keep them wide awake!

Make the office place more efficient! Also according to study of 2 same stores, the one with 6000K bright light, the sales is 30% more than the other store. Because the consumers are energized and not sleepy. They will buy more. And the 6000K bright light makes the merchandises more appealing to buy more!

For warehouses – we can add Microwave/Infrared/Photo Sensor to monitor. $20/PC

So only when not enough of sky light or somebody approach, the light will be turned on.
And after no motion for 5 to 30 minutes(Can be preset), the lights will be shutdown to save energy.
We are all about conservation of energy and saving money on electric bill.

Installation is very easy, Please first cut off the energy sucking old Ballasts and install the new lighting.

Which can save even more power bill, because the Ballast had been bypassed to save energy!


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 25 × 2 in

LD-502-6-5CCT: 6" In Diameter Retrofit Can Light, LD-502-4-5CCT+night Light: 4" in Diameter Retrofit Can Light


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